Both the vegetation and the people in town seem more active this week. Dandelions have been sighted and skunk cabbage is hand-high in swampy spots. We have seen snowdrops in numerous yards and abundant crocuses at Linnell Mather’s gardens and all around the village. The grass is greening up and lily greenery is lengthening. Some lilies are almost 5 inches in our back yard, though surely the deer will make short work of them soon as they have in years past. Though the week has ranged from sunshine to forecasts of snow, folks are raking leaves and taking down winter moth bands.

Municipal news

Nomination papers are available at the town office for the many positions to be elected Tuesday, June 11. Just think, you could be on the Board of Selectmen, the School Administrative District 8 Board of Directors, or be a Water District Trustee. You have until Monday, April 29 to return nomination papers to the town clerk, and then a little over a month to campaign before the election. Just think of the fun you could have being part of the political machine of small town government.

The town also has information on winter moth prevention as April is a good time to apply horticultural oil to trees to smother winter moth eggs. Marjorie Stratton at the town office can help at 863-2042, and also suggests people check out this link:

School events

The National Honor Society was again busy this last weekend running the Red Cross Blood Drive with the help of Karen Burns. There was a good turn-out despite not many official appointments. Thanks to all those that contributed. This blood drive is annual, so if you missed it this time, keep an eye out for posters around town at this time next year.

On Vinalhaven every spring the school helps to spiff things up with a roadside clean-up. It was initially scheduled for April12, but postponed due to snow forecasts. It will now be held Friday April 19, so keep an eye out for that sign of spring too. Help out by driving carefully, putting trash where it belongs, or by joining the school on Friday for the event. Contact Yvonne with any questions.

Around town

The annual Sunday Candy Hunt at Charlotte’s was a success. My favorite part is always watching Charlotte bang on a metal bowl with a wooden spoon to get everyone’s attention. Until that moment kids are always playing chase, sailing the high seas on her play sailboat, comparing Easter baskets, and running wild. The abundance of eggs for pre-k kids and wrapped candy for elementary school kids is astounding and some children actually find so much they stop looking and wander off to eat what they have, leaving candy still in the field and orchard for other more persistent children, and their sharp-eyed adults. Every kid was offered a golden egg as they returned from the fields which contained a toy fuzzy yellow chick. There was also fruit punch at the picnic tables for all to enjoy while they poured over their treats. I’m sure the egg hunt in Washington D.C. is nice, but Charlotte sure knows how to put together a fine event.

What folks are talking about

Discussions of summer camps are in the works including returning favorites like swimming lessons at the quarry, SCAMP, and Dutch Soccer Academy as well as new ideas, like arts and crafts offerings and gardening options among others. I’ll share more details as they become available as surely locals and visitors alike would enjoy taking advantage of some solid programming during the summer months.

I have overheard a number of folks talking about the local greens that are now for sale in town including mesculin mix and spinach letting us know we have exited the tunnel of winter. In another sign of the changing seasons, the Travelift is getting more use these days as spaces in the boat yard open up and boats get back in the water. And so the seasonality of life goes in town as folks get back to the earth and their gardens and back to the water and their fishing.

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