Residents of Camden and Rockport will decide on a $12.3 million proposed budget for School Administrative District 28.

The school board voted April 10 to approve the costs to operate Camden-Rockport Elementary School and Camden-Rockport Middle School for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. It is a 0.41 percent increase when compared last year's budget.

The school board, as part of the budget, approved elimination of a physical education/health teacher, four educational technicians, a special education teacher and a computer integration position. One educational technician and a guidance position were reduced to half time and the proposed addition of a groundskeeper also did not make the cut.

“I think a lot of time and effort was put in by both the administration and the school board on where changes could be made that would have the least amount of impact on the students and their ability to learn,” said SAD 28 business manager Cathy Murphy.

Murphy points to the state's reduction in contributions to Maine State Retirement for teachers as one of the obstacles to overcome but she said many of the cuts would have happened regardless of the loss of state subsidy.

Taxpayers in Camden will see an increase of $264,000 toward the SAD 28 budget with the total share at $6.1 million.

Rockport taxpayers will also see a slight increase of $36,000 with that town's share totaling more than $5.1 million

Residents of the two towns can hear more about the budget during a district-wide budget meeting scheduled for 6 p.m Tuesday, May 28, at Camden Hills Regional High School in the Strom Auditorium.

Voting will take place June 11.

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