At the end of a lengthy meeting April 11, the Regional School Unit 40 board voted to join Many Flags.

This follows a previous decision in November 2012 to reject the proposal by Many Flags to allow RSU 40 to have two non-voting representatives on their board.

Board member Ann Donaldson, of Union, made the motion to rescind the Nov. 2 decision. Donaldson had previously supported the rejection.

The vote to rescind passed by the required two-thirds majority, then a motion to join Many Flags was approved.

"There are more board members that think joining Many Flags is non-binding and that we may get to have something to say about regionalization," said RSU 40 Chairman Danny Jackson.

"The Many Flags' board has yet to come up with a budget, so we don't know how much money will be assessed to each sending component of Many Flags," said Jackson.

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