A convicted sex offender who is accused of groping a sales clerk at a Belfast business last month has pleaded not guilty to the three charges he faces in connection with the incident.

Glenn Reed, 65, of Lincolnville pleaded not guilty to charges of unlawful sexual touching, disorderly conduct and assault at his arraignment at Fifth District Court in Belfast Tuesday, April 16.

Reed incurred the charges following an incident that police responded to at a Belfast business Saturday, March 9, when a female store clerk reported Reed had come into the store, stated he was having a bad day and asked the clerk for a hug. According to court records, the clerk reluctantly obliged and Reed allegedly tried to kiss her on the cheek and neck area and fondled her buttocks. Reed also allegedly made some sexually explicit comments to the woman before she backed away and again asked Reed if she could help him find something in the store.

At that point, Reed reportedly approached the clerk again and tried to kiss her on the lips and touched her breast. That series of events, according to court records, was captured on the store surveillance cameras. Later in March, police also charged Reed for theft because he allegedly stole a cell phone from the business on the same day as the incident involving the clerk.

After Belfast Police Sgt. John Gibbs spoke with the complainant and her manager, he secured an arrest warrant for Reed. Lincolnville Police Chief Ron Young arrested Reed on the warrant Monday, March 18, and according to previously published reports, Reed was released on $500 cash bail later that same day.

Reed's bail conditions bar him from having any contact with the alleged victim and he cannot return to the store; court records documenting his arraignment Tuesday state Reed must continue to adhere to those bail conditions.

According to records posted on the Maine Sex Offender Registry website, Reed was convicted on a rape charge in Waldo County Superior Court in 1981.

Reed also had some involvement with police in October of last year, when, according to Belfast Police Chief Mike McFadden, he was charged with filing a false public alarm or report after he claimed a woman stole his oxycodone from his vehicle, which was parked outside of the Belfast Hannaford store. At that time, McFadden said, Reed gave police the name of the woman he suspected stole his medication, and stated that he had planned to lend the woman $100, which was why the two had agreed to meet in the grocery store parking lot. Reed further told police at that time that he suspected the woman had entered his car while he was inside the store, stole his medication and then left the parking lot.

After further investigation that involved a discussion with the woman Reed suspected of stealing the drugs, McFadden said, police learned that the woman had arranged to meet Reed there with the intention of buying the pills from him.

Reed later pleaded no contest on the charge of filing a false public alarm or report and McFadden said Reed was ordered to pay a $500 fine. The woman involved in the case was initially charged with stealing drugs, but McFadden said prosecution on that charge was declined once the case reached the Waldo County District Attorney's Office.

Court records state Reed is tentatively scheduled for trial at Fifth District Court Tuesday, May 28, but he still has the option of having his case heard at a jury trial in Waldo County Superior Court. Nothing in the court record indicated whether Reed intends to request a jury trial.