Camden police have arrested a man already on probation for a series of recent motor vehicle burglaries, according to Detective Curt Andrick.

Troy Landry, 20, of Camden was arrested and charged with six counts of motor vehicle burglary; also arrested and charged with six counts of motor vehicle burglary was Zachary Carleton, 24, of Rockport, Andrick said.

At the time of his arrest, Landry was already on probation for theft and burglary. According to previously published reports, Landry, 19 at the time, and three juveniles were charged after breaking into various camps in Hope between 10 p.m. and midnight June 16, 2012. The group reportedly took food, liquor and sparklers from the camps.

Andrick said some property stolen from vehicles in Camden by the two men was recovered at a residence in Camden. The burglaries took place during the past two weeks on Washington, Gould and Chestnut streets, Andrick said.

Taken from unlocked vehicles were electronic items as well as change, according to police.

Andrick advises residents to lock vehicles to discourage these types of "crimes of opportunity."

"We would hope, urge, people to call the police department if they see anything suspicious," he said, adding it's better to call as potential suspicious activities are taking place rather than waiting until morning.

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