Waldoboro Board of Selectmen signed a warrant April 9 for its annual town meeting to be held June 11. They have also set dates for two public hearings.

The first will be held Wednesday, May 8, at 7 p.m. This will be to receive public comment regarding the planning board's proposed amendments to the town's land use ordinance.

"The general intent of these amendments is to update the land use chart and performance standards to reflect contemporary land uses and to make the ordinance more fliexible," said Bill Najpauer, planning and development director, at the board's meeting March 26.

The second public hearing will be held Tuesday, May 21, at 6 p.m. at Miller School.

"This public hearing is regarding the town's proposed downtown Slum and Blight Designation, to be considered at the town meeting," said Town Manager John Spear.

To be eligible for a Community Development Block Grant, or CDBG, as part of its revitalization plan for downtown Waldoboro, the affected area must be designated as an area of slum and blight.

"It is a procedural effort," said Spear, to take the next step toward gaining eligibility for a CDBG.

The May 21 meeting will also serve as the regular public hearing for the annual town meeting, as required by law.

The selectmen executed the town manager's contract, which approved a 2.5 percent salary increase for the year beginning July 1.

The board also approved two liquor license applications to be forwarded to the state: one new application for Deb's Diner and a renewal for Captain's Fresh Idea Restaurant, both on Atlantic Highway.

An article to allow tax acquired properties to be put up for sale by bid was tabled by the selectmen, in order to obtain occupancy information on said properties.

Selectmen call on Legislature

At their March 26 meeting, selectmen signed a resolution to call upon Maine Legislature to reject the proposals and avoid the regressive tax shift as set forth in Gov. Paul LePage's Biennial Budget.

"The governor's unprecedented biennial budget proposal places towns in an untenable and uncertain fiscal position during their budget planning," the proposal states.

The governor's proposal includes the elimination of municipal revenue sharing, cutting the state's reimbursement for general assistance, eliminating the Homestead Exemption for anyone under the age of 65, eliminating the "circuit breaker" property tax and rent relief program for anyone under the age of 65, taking a portion of truck excise tax revenue from towns, and creating a corporate tax exemption.

Nomination papers available

Town meeting will be held Tuesday, June 11, and nomination papers are available at the town office for the following positions:

Board of Selectmen, one seat, three-year term; Budget Committee, three seats, three-year terms; Utility District, one seat, three-year term; RSU40 Board of Directors, two seats, a one-year and three-year term.

Deadline for submission is April 29.

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