Pen Bay Healthcare has four occupational therapists or OTs in the Outpatient Rehabilitation department, located in the Physicans Building on the Pen Bay Campus. The therapists have 73 years of combined experience between them.

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapists help people across the lifespan participate in the life activities they want and need to do, through therapeutic interventions and activities (occupations).

Who needs occupational therapy?

The occupational therapists in the Outpatient Rehabilitation Department specialize in the treatment of hand and arm injuries, including traumas, overuse injuries and degenerative conditions. Therapists can create splints, provide manual therapy and use exercises and functional activities to assist in recovery.

Workplace ergonomics can also be an important part of recovery. Occupational therapists may assist a patient with a workplace evaluation to ensure recovery includes appropriate changes to habits or tasks that may be factors in the injury.

Another specialty area of occupational therapy treatment includes interventions for acquired brain injuries, strokes, and progressive neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. This may include education about techniques and equipment available to ease the challenges of everyday living, strategies to improve or cope with memory deficits and other approaches to compensate for cognitive and or physical deficits.

How does an OT work with you?

The first visit includes a comprehensive evaluation with a focus on specific concerns, goals and needs. An individual home program is typically started with the first visit. Treatment is designed in collaboration with the patient, and they are actively involved in one's care, recovery and long term wellness.

How do I access OT?

Ask a primary doctor or specialist for a referral. Check with insurance to understand benefits for OT coverage.

For more information about Occupational or Physical Therapy at Pen Bay Healthcare, call 593-5500 or email