Just as the first week of April slipped away, barely noticed, spring is sure to come fast and end before we realize. Spring on North Haven is always evident and can be distinguished by many characteristics.

The first tell-tale sign is the talk of birthing. At the coffee shop, boatyard or down at the boat stories of complications, twins, deaths and stripping nipples is a fairly common topic. No need to worry Midcoast, North Haven’s current baby boom is going fine, it’s the lambing and kidding that are a sure sign of spring. From Sheep Meadow and Foggy Meadow Farm on Crabtree Point, to Cider Hill farm on the North Shore, and The Turner Farm on the South Shore lambs and kids abound. As the farmers tend to their greenhouses in between caring for the young, the fisherman are preparing as well. Much like many homes along the coast, freshly painted pot buoys and coils of rope can be found in many yards along North Haven’s sand strewn and frost heaved roads (note: the roads are currently posted). As April progresses, so does the number of fisherman in the boatyards and on the ferry headed to the mainland for more gear and boat parts. While the fisherman prepare for the up and coming season so do many of North Haven’s caretakers.

Caretaking on North Haven is an important part of its labor force and every spring brings forth signs of future work. As the snow melts to reveal, what seems to be, yards of sand and stone from the winters plowing North Haven’s caretakers reluctantly don rakes, shovels and power brooms to clean up winters mess. What’s next, put away the plow, get out the mower, or turn on the water? As the days grow longer, the list of duties for our caretakers seems to follow suit.

Spring can seem daunting at times but the new life and beauty that it brings forth is worth wading through the mud, rain and wind to witness its end result. Spring is embraced by the people of North Haven, not only because it’s inevitable, but for the recognition that sooner than later it will come to an end and we won’t be able get on the ferry on a whim, enjoy private beaches or stop in the middle of Pulpit Harbor Road to talk with a friend.

Spring ends on June 20 and with it the three season life that all of us North Havener’s have grown to love ends as well. Summer brings a packed ferry, packed harbors, bikers, runners, walkers and friends of that guy’s cousin that used to rent the Polly Warren house. Our routine life changes for a short season. Perhaps complained about by many this change is needed and eventually embraced (just in time for fall). While these things are quite characteristic of North Haven at least we can sit back for a moment and appreciate that spring has just begun. Just don’t sit back too long because Linda books up as fast as the ferry in July and no one enjoys showing up to a home with no water.