March Madness hits Searsport

On Friday, March 29, students and teachers of Searsport District High and Middle School scrambled together in the gym to celebrate their traditional March Madness, concluding the boring month of March with an afternoon bash.

Students and teachers celebrated the days leading up to this event by participating in a spirit week, which included activities like comfy day, fancy day, super hero/villain day, blue and white day, and of course crazy day (geesh, I wonder what day of the week that falls on)!

As some might say, March Madness “ain't no joke,” because some students and teachers go all out in hopes of winning points for their grade levels — at the end of the celebration, total point scores are announced. March Madness is a great way for students to blow off steam in crazy, positive ways. Not only are students encouraged to dress up in wild and crazy clothes, but teachers have to perform dares come celebration time.

As usual, the seniors won all of the celebration games in the gym, and cheerfully sang the school song before everyone left for the buses that afternoon. For those who are curious, the crazy things we do during this assembly are things like the traditional egg toss, a “Dizzy Izzy” relay race, which involves big clothes and spinning, and a fashion show. There was also a middle school dancing crew this year that performed to “I Got A Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. After the first assembly, students broke off into stations — I was watching the theater show, myself. Finishing up that afternoon at the return assembly were the radical teacher stunts.

Money had been collected in the hallways over the previous week to confirm the top three stunts to be performed at the return assembly. This year, all money collected went toward a Quebec trip some students are planning later this year. Our stunt-masters this year were Mr. Cook, who came in third place — he had to get a pie thrown in his face. Principal Brian Campbell and French teacher Crystal Jackins placed second, and they rode around the gym on tricycles dressed up like kids. The top stuntman — who reached up to $49.82 of donations, almost twice as much as the second- and third-place winners individually — was Mr. William George, who had to say goodbye to his 30-year-old mustache (read on for details on the departure of said facial hair).

This crazy holiday began in 2003 in hopes of making the month of March something to look forward to for the students. My guess is that when teachers started warming up to the idea of taking a pie to the face for the students' entertainment, this plan became a success. Every year, the anticipation seems to build up, and March Madness feels like an official holiday we hope lasts forever.

George bids farewell to the mustache

George, who is a math teacher at Searsport District High School, brought his shaving kit to school that afternoon because he knew it was going to happen.

“This is depressing,” said George as he sat up on the stage, which was surrounded by students with cameras. The mustache had traveled with him throughout college, and he kept it up by trimming it regularly.

Faster than you could say “Oh my God,” George taped on a fake mustache that was made by a student.

He has been great, and the 'stache is already growing back.

Great job to George, Cook, Jackins, and Principal Campbell. Sometimes it is not easy to do a dare, especially if it was decided upon by students. This month really was a lot of madness. So the question remains: Who or what will be dared next time?