Temperatures were in the mid-30s and the wind whipping across Sam Pendleton Field made it feel like it was in the 20s, but that did not diminish the happiness the young student-athletes felt getting back into action for the new high school girls lacrosse season on Saturday, April 6.

Oceanside High School hosted several squads in fun-filled, but cold, preseason action Saturday. It was a fundraising event for the Mariner club team.

The play day included Camden Hills, Lewiston and host Oceanside. The Mariners had one team in the event and the Windjammers and Blue Devils had varsity and jayvee squads.

Click for photos from the Oceanside and Camden Hills early-morning game.

The scores from the games included: Oceanside beat Camden Hills JVs 7-2, Camden Hills varsity and Lewiston varsity tied 7-7, Lewiston JVs beat Camden Hills JVs 7-5, Oceanside lost to Lewiston varisty 13-3, Camden Hills varsity beat Lewiston JVs 8-4, Oceanside beat Lewiston JVs 5-3, Oceanside lost to Lewiston varsity 12-2 and Oceanside lost to Camden Hills 14-1.

The day's most valuable players by teams, chosen by coaches, were: Oceanside's Rebekah Freeman, Camden Hills varsity's Maddie Raynor, Camden Hills jayvee's Hannah Brownawell, Lewiston varsity's Sam Cote and Lewiston jayvee's Emma Burgess.

Camden Hills varsity's Lea Smith was the play day's sharpshooter with the most goals tallied. Oceanside's Jalynn Hurd was the play day's ultimate stopper with the most goals prevented in net.

As for the cold weather, which forced the young athletes to stay bundled up when playing, Oceanside coach Angie Vachon said student-athletes spent down time in the school and "all the coaches cycled the kids through pretty well when the games were going on and the rules were 'relaxed' as to game attire [to keep athletes warm]. But we do have goggle lines [on the players' faces] from the sun and the parents in the concession stand had it worse, believe it or not. The sun was quite nice, [but] metal sticks and bare hands don’t make for much fun [in those cold temperatures]. But all the girls there were happy and we hope they had fun. But they were troopers, because, yes, it was so very, very cold."

The Oceanside squad includes Isabella Garver, Karly Robinson, Olivia Hupper, Kim Young, Hurd, Seinna Barstow, Lily Vachon, Janelle Fowlie, Brittany Rytky, Makaye Stone, Katie Jacob, Freeman, Riley Pillsbury, Hailey Hobbs, Cheyenne Montgomery, Alexis Pine, Emma-Rose Newmeyer, Sierra Ross, Bailee Cox, Cortney Simmons, Sydney Brooks and Abbey Lacasse.

The Camden Hills varsity, coached by Amy Gertner, includes Kristina Alex, Sarah Scott, Haley Williams, Alice Flint, Cailand Sweeting, Claire Horne, Brownawell, Avary Lamont, Caroline Matteo, Zia Sulick, Grace Hayward, Smith, Addie Drinkwater, Addie Bragg, Kiera Haining and Hannah Wincklhofer.

The Camden Hills jayvees include Nicole Young, Brittani Winslow, Zoe Grant, Allie Dobbins, Bella Fischer, Maddy Raynor, Marin Anderson, Kaia Allwine, Avery Roy, Katherine Orne, Abigail Matlack, Caroline Keefe, Annie James, Willow Grinnell, Adrianna Goodale, Rose Flanagan, Emily Daggett, Katie Clossey and Jacqueline Russell.

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