Spring has finally arrived, not only in name, but also in signs around town. Crocuses are up in some spots, and buds on the forsythia are green with promise. Yes, there are tidbits of snow, and Maine always has the chance of snow straight through April, but the worst has surely passed. With an early Easter this year, our annual Vinalhaven tradition of the Candy Hunt at Charlotte’s Field has been scheduled for Sunday, April 7, at 2 p.m. to increase the chances of good weather for the event. Even if you don’t have kids in the eligible ages of pre-school through fifth grade, you’re welcome to view the fun of kids charging down the road and across the fields towards the treasures hidden in colored eggs. Thanks to the many volunteers and for Charlotte’s generosity that make this event possible.

School events

The 10 girls in the Fourth and Fifth Grade Girls’ Book Club met downtown at the ARCafe on Thursday evening to discuss “Rickshaw Girl” by Mitali Perkins with guest visitor Fran Ward who traveled through India teaching while an immunologist for Duke University. The girls enjoyed learning about the cultures of Bangladesh and India through photos, videos, artifacts, music a craft, and food. I’ve been facilitating the book club for some years now and it’s always fun to hear the girls’ great questions during discussions and be around their enthusiasm.

Business around town

Things have been pretty quiet during March downtown, but there have been day tripper sightings lately which can only mean more businesses will open soon and things will start to get livelier. More boats are getting back in the water, and soon the picturesque stacks of traps both new and seasoned will be on their way off the land.

The Town Band is getting back together for spring and summer rehearsals on Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the School Music Room and all ages are welcome. Do contact Michelle at 863-2281 if you have any questions. In other arts news, PIE is offering a week of after school dance experiences for students of all levels, kindergarten through grade 12. The classes will be conducted April 1-5 and the community is invited to the Open Showcase at 3pm on Friday, April 5 at the school auditorium.

What folks are talking about

News of Stephanie Crossman’s netting talents reaching the national stage is the much-talked about topic these days. Stephanie’s net bags and purses have been a staple at the Silver Thread Artisan’s exhibits and likely you’ve seen her chatting at the coffee shop while working on her craft as well. Now, she’s hit the big time, and her work has won a spot in the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington D.C. where it will be displayed from April 25-28. My favorites are the netted jellyfish, and you can see striking photos of them on the Craft Show website smithsoniancraftshow.com, and on stephaniecrossman.com. I doubt that many of the artists at the Smithsonian Show are as accessible as Stephanie, seen doing their craft on the green at the Saturday flea markets, and we’re lucky to have such talent in our midst. If you see her around, do congratulate her on her accomplishment, and try to check out the photos of her work.

Islanders Softball and Raven’s Baseball teams are forming and putting out their schedules for the spring, and soon the varsity players will be out practicing. More and more people are out walking and enjoying the improving weather. Mud season is upon us and the winter ruts are rearranging themselves. Enjoy getting out and looking for signs of the changing seasons, whether it’s admiring the flowers, watching a sports practice, or giving those day trippers some much-needed directions.

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