The Medomak Valley High School girls junior varsity  basketball team had an up-and-down year on the hardwood during the winter, but improved as the season progressed against many talented opponents.

The Panthers, coached by Larry Jensen and despite being "young and inexperienced," ended the year with a 6-9 mark.

"Every day was a step up on the learning curve," said Jensen. "Dealing with terminology, drill work, practice schedules, and facing illness and injuries were a constant issue as the season progressed. This team showed its resiliency and came together when needed and worked hard at what they could do well."

Team members for the Panthers were Brooke Benedict, Testa Luce, Taylor Mason, Paige, Theberge, Laura Dyer, Aidan Skov, Jasmine Walker, Justice Barrows, Maggie Cox, Brooke Creamer, Krista Hooper and Jill van der Schaaf.

Cox, Barrows, Benedict and Dyer led the team in scoring; Barrows, Luce, Theberge and van der Schaaf in rebounds; Benedict, Hooper, Creamer and Dyer in assists; and Cox, van der Schaaf, Benedict and Luce in steals.

Jensen, who also is the Panther girls varsity soccer coach, said team's success depends largely on the complete involvement of the players in all aspects of the game.

"Every member plays such an important role," he said. "It's not all about starting the game. It's about who’s on the floor when we’re making a run at the other team or in practice pushing each other to be better than the next person. The games are won and lost on the practice floor. This is where the teaching of the game takes place and preparing for as many game-like situations as possible so that it becomes second nature to the individuals and it's only a reaction as to what needs to be done on the floor and at what point in time."

The veteran coach added that he hoped his young athletes "learned some life lessons along the way " and "hope they had fun."

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