A Thomaston man was sentenced to three months in jail March 27 for stealing more than $12,000 in metal from a local business.

Scott L. Schultz, 47, was convicted on one count of burglary and one count of theft by unauthorized taking or transfer in connection with a metal theft from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in Warren.

He pleaded guilty to the charges March 27 in Knox County Superior Court.

Schultz stole metal machine parts Dec. 19 from a storage property in Warren, according to court documents.

Schultz was identified in connection with these thefts after Daniel Boyce, 38, of Warren — an accomplice — was arrested on charges of burglary, theft and trespass by motor vehicle in December.

While held in Knox County Jail, Boyce agreed to speak with the Knox County Sheriff's Office about the night he was arrested, according to court documents.

Boyce said the stolen materials came from a Lie-Nielsen Toolworks storage building on the corner of the Depot Road and Stirling Road in Warren. Thomas Lie-Nielsen, owner of the business, identified the parts as his property.

According to court documents, Boyce said Schultz told him the parts in the storage building were not used and that it was alright to take them.

Boyce said they went to the Warren property and loaded parts onto a truck from the storage unit.

While driving on Finntown Road toward Route 1, the pair was spotted by the police and pulled over.

While the men were in the car, Schultz told Boyce not to tell the police he was involved. At the time of Boyce's arrest, he told police Schultz was with him when he stole metal, but was that he was not involved and had no knowledge the theft was to take place.

Schultz told police he was not involved and so was not arrested that night. He was arrested in January.

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