A search through Camden Herald archives revealed the following:

One year ago, 2012

Still no paper — then-owner Richard Anderson had shuttered the local newspapers with little notice to the public and staff.

Five years ago, 2008

The town lost one of its many interesting citizens, Harvey Picker, a fellow who had quite an effect on Camden over the years one way or another, both as an owner and employer at Wayfarer Marine, and as a supporter of many civic projects in the area.

Police say they are checking young people's MySpace websites to see if the teens are talking about drinking parties, and to see if young people are writing to each other about smoking pot.

Camden postman Steven Russo was honored this week for preventing a fire at the Knox Mill in September 2007.

10 years ago, 2003

Nicholas Adolphsen and Hannah Pennington of Appleton want American soldiers fighting in Iraq to know that they have supporters in the Midcoast. The two students from Appleton organized a rally to support the troops and drew a crowd of about 60 people.

Board grants variance for Steinglass construction: The Rockport Board of Appeals negated zoning requirements for the project, voting 4-2 to grant the Steinglasses a variance to the Floodplain Management Ordinance. The Steinglasses plan to renovate their 1 Ship St. home, which was constructed as a boat repair shed in the 1940s.

Two longtime supporters of the Elm Street School are circulating a petition aimed at persuading officials to keep the school open. Residents Paul Cartwright and Patrisha McLean are behind the petition, spurred by school board directors' plans to discuss eventual closure of the school.

25 years ago, 1988

Don't touch that dial — a Camden-based broadcasting station soon plans radio air time 24 hours a day at 102.5 FM. Operating from the second floor of 21 Elm St. (corner of Washington), Megunticook Broadcasting expects to reach listeners by about May 1.

An apparent April Fools story ran on the front page stating: "AF NEWS SERVICE — The schooner Roseway, veteran member of Camden's famed windjammer fleet, was reported missing and is feared stolen. The 120-foot vessel, which had been moored at Sharp's Wharf in Camden Harbor this winter, disappeared sometime after midnight Tuesday. 'We left her around suppertime, and she was fine,' said a member of her crew. 'We'd been gettin' ready for the tourists — you know, cementin' the barnacles on her hull and roughin' her up where she looked a dite too new and clean — and we left the keys in the ignition and locked her up about 6 p.m.'"

Gone are the days of the penny postcard; it will now cost 15 cents to mail one, and letter will require a 25 cents stamp. Postmasters trace the escalating postage rates to rising postal-service costs on many fronts — operations, transportation, supplies, labor and health and retirement benefits.

50 years ago, 1963

In order to give more youngsters an opportunity to attend Camp A-Hom-A a "Help us earn our way to camp" thin mint sale starts March 28. The profit from each box sold by the youngsters will be credited to their account and used toward Day Camp registration.

Chances for the Mt. Battie Road looked pretty good, according to one of the numerous proponents. The caravan of 37-plus cars, and the large turnout — 250 people — at the Augusta hearing seemed to impress on the committee the spirit Camden and the coastal area have worked on the proposed Mt. Battie project. Rep. Bill Hardy introduced a $170,000 bill calling for the construction of a road and parking facilities atop Mt. Battie.

Archie Stevens, 56, Rockport's first town manager, who has served our neighboring community for the past eight years resigned his office to become City Manager of Fairfield.

Now is the time to begin saving old newspapers for the next Rotary Club paper drive. Tie them securely into bundles so they can be handled. Remember…your waste paper becomes scholarship dollars to help deserving Camden High Graduates get started in college.