Ed Curtis of Warren recently recorded his second career hole-in-one, this time outside the Pine Tree State, and this time of the rare double-eagle or albatross variety.

The 66-year-old Curtis, who has a winter residence in Florida, picked up an ace March 2 on the 245-yard, par-4 first hole at Lone Pine Golf Course in West Palm Beach, Fla. when his tee shot bounced into the cup.

Most holes-in-one are recorded on shorter par-3 holes, with fewer coming on par-4 holes. A double-eagle or albatross is recorded when a golfer puts the ball in the hole three shots under the par of the hole, or with a first shot on a par-4 and a second shot on a par-5.

"I'm a long ball hitter, so it's not unusual," said Curtis of reaching the green with his tee shot on a hole 245 yards away. "On the Saturday before that I hit past that green, so it's not unusual for me to hit that far. All I'm trying to do is get the ball on the green. And the hole just got in the way."

The feat was witnessed by fellow golfers Bob Zimmerman, Bill Latham and Fredric Mullin and was part of a men's scramble event at the club. Curtis' ace came on his 10th hole of the day, with his team having begun the scramble on the back nine holes.

Curtis, who sports a 14-handicap, used a Taylor Made R11S driver on the hole to record his double-eagle.

"It was a nice shot," he said. "It bounced and bounced and then it kind of went out of sight. My eyes are not that good so I could not see if it rolled in the hole, so we thought maybe there's a dip in front of the green and it didn't quite make [the green].

"We didn't see it, so we drove the cart around the back thinking, 'Well, it must have rolled across and down the back.' And it wasn't in the back. So the guy with me says, 'You don't suppose that went in the hole do you?' Sure enough, I walked up and there it was. I could not believe it."

Curtis, whose best 18-hole performance was an 81 at Rockland Golf Club several years ago, also recorded an ace on the par-3 10th hole, next to the clubhouse, at RGC in the early 1990s.

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