The fifth annual Medomak Midcoast Madness basketball tournament tipped off Friday and Saturday, March 22-23. The event featured talented seventh- and eighth-grade squads from throughout the Midcoast and beyond.

The round-robin tournament, sponsored by the Medomak Valley All Sports Boosters, featured 14 teams — eight boys and eight girls — in games at Medomak Middle School and Medomak Valley High School.

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When the final buzzer to the final game sounded, two Lincoln County teams stood above the fray.

For girls, Camden 7th grade, Camden 7th/8th, Oceanside 7th/8th, Boothbay 7th/8th, Lincoln 7th/8th and host Medomak 7th/8th participated, while for boys, Camden 7th/8th, Oceanside 8th, Coastal 7th, Coastal 8th, Boothbay 7th, Boothbay 8th and hosts Medomak 7th and Medomak 8th participated.

In the boys championship, Medomak 8th defeated Camden 7th/8th 46-24. Interestingly, while it was a round robin tourney, the final two scheduled boys games before the championship were essentially "semifinals" as all four remaining teams were 2-0. Camden 7th/8th beat Medomak 7th and Medomak 8th bested Oceanside 8th. So the two 3-0 squads played for the championship and the two 2-1 teams were eliminated from title contention.

In the girls championship, Lincoln 7th/8th bested Oceanside 7th/8th 34-20.

The tournament began Friday, March 22 with games at both sites, while the championship games were Saturday, March 23 at both sites after a full slate of games throughout the day.

The championship games consisted of the top two teams from each division with the best overall records. The girls championship was played at MMS, while the boys championship was at MVHS.

The games were 20-minute halves of running time with stop time the last minute of each half. The championship game participants were selected by virtue of the following criteria, in order: best record (which was used), head to head, common opponent, least number of team fouls committed in the tourney, best free-throw percentage for tourney and a coin flip.

The list of players and coaches for the local participants:

Medomak 7th/8th girls — Hallie Kunesh, Maggie Ryan, Hallie Wyllie, Nichole Obuchon, Katie York, Chelsea Ripley, Victoria Wheaton, Kelsey Grant, Amber Studley, Cierra Dyer, Cassidy Taylor and Gabby DePatsy. The coaches are Nick DePatsy and Terra Ripley.

Medomak 7th boys — Jensen Willis, Brent Stewart, Josh Goldrup, Johnny Luce, Andrew Campbell, Simon Fisher, Wyatt Post, Adam Eutsler, Isaac Eutsler, Colin Fournier and Ben Dever. The coach is Darrell Goldrup.

Medomak 8th boys — Casey Libby, Patrick White, Laken Harrington, Kyle Donlin, Cameron Allaire, Johnathan Allard, Daniel Jones, Maty Moore, Cale Gee, Nick Grover, Taylor McLain and Cameron Martin. The coach is Richard Vannah.

Camden 7th/8th girls — Emily Long, Laticia Billings, Nicole Brown, Myia Hanesn, Kelsey Merrill, Charlotte Messer, Emily Morse, Mara Dostie, Maddie Wickenden, Tora Decker-Griffith, Kira Barley, Julia Holt and Mya Wiley. The coach is Glenn Wiley.

Camden 7th girls — Kesha Lane, Katie Heavey, Meghan Gallagher, Audrey Bowman, Casey Pine, Hannah Nolan, Chris Kelly, Lylee Farnham and Jordan Brackett. The coach is Tim Gallagher.

Camden 8th boys — Austin Egan, Peyton Young, Avery Grindle, Morgan Ford, Jack Moody, Conrad Crans, Jesse Fraser, Daniel Peabody, Owen Hilt, Lucas Boetsch, Dylan Taylor and Nicholas Cammelieri. The coach is Max Niles.

Oceanside 7th/8th girls — Lauren Miller, Charlotte Leparulo, Kaylee McCorrison, Kristina Ferguson, Gabby Simmons, Haley Montgomery, Aubrey Anderson, Jillian Brooks, Kelsie Brooks and Amelia Campbell. The coach is Paul Leparulo.

Oceanside 8th boys — Nate Raye, Zach Robinson, Gabe Robinson, Zach Davis, Sam Atwood, Jackson Arnsdorf, Colby Dorr, Josef Berger, Mike Norton, Mitchell Delfrate, Max Lombardo and Hunter Dinsmore. The coach is Chris Raye.

Tourney teams

Boys all-tourney team — Colin Fournier, Medomak 7th; Patrick White, Medomak 8th; Maty Moore, Medomak 8th; Cody Tozier, Coastal 8th; Teddy Matel, Coastal 7th; Jacob Leonard, Boothbay 8th; Carter Babcock, Boothbay 8th; Kyle Ames, Boothbay 7th; Morgan Ford, Camden 7/8th; Mike Norton, Oceanside 8th; and Nate Raye, Oceanside 8th. Fournier, who averaged 17.3 points, was the boys most valuable player.

Girls all-tourney team — Brie Wajer, Lincoln 7th/8th; Brianna Genthner, Lincoln 7th/8th; Dorothy Hodus, Lincoln 7th/8th; Sophie Schumacher, Lincoln 7th/8th; Gabby Depatsy, Medomak 7th/8th; Kelsey Merrill, Camden 7th/8th; Haley Montgomery, Oceanside 7th/8th; Lauren Miller, Oceanside 7th/8th; Gabby Simmons, Oceanside 7th/8th; Angie Perkins, Boothbay 7th/8th; and Meghan Gallagher, Camden 7th. Wajer, who averaged 13.5 points, was the girls MVP.

The tourney results, with team scores in parenthesis and top individual scorers listed, included:

Boys tourney results

Camden 7th/8th (47) Daniel Peabody – 9; Boothbay 7th (31) Kyle Ames – 12.

Oceanside 8th (42) Nate Raye, Mike Norton and Max Lombardo – 8; Boothbay 8th (29) Jacob Leonard – 12.

Coastal 7th (49) Teddy Matel – 11; Boothbay 7th (32) Kyle Ames – 14.

Boothbay 8th (53) Jacob Leonard – 18; Coastal 8th (28) Henry Spearman – 10.

Camden 7th/8th (33) Peyton Young, Morgan Ford and Lucas Boetsch – 6; Coastal 7th (24) Teddy Matel – 10.

Medomak 7th (35) Colin Fournier – 14; Coastal 7th (33) – Taylor Holmes – 8.

Medomak 8th (44) Patrick White – 14; Coastal 8th (37) Cody Tozier and Austin Bouchard 12.

Medomak 7th (44) Colin Fournier – 19; Boothbay 7th (36) Eli Gudroe – 14.

Medomak 8th (58) Patrick White – 12; Boothbay 8th (33) Jacob Leonard – 15.

Oceanside 8th (36) Nate Raye and Gabe Robinson – 7; Coastal 8th (24) Cody Tozier – 13.

Camden 7th/8th (53) Lucas Boetsch – 10; Medomak 7th (40) Colin Fournier – 17.

Medomak 8th (39) Mike Norton – 13; Oceanside 8th (35) – Cameron Allaire – 10.

Championship: Medomak 8th (46) Nick Grover – 8; Camden 7th/8th (24) Morgan Ford – 8.

Girls tourney results

Lincoln 7th/8th (47) Brie Wajer – 11; Medomak 7th/8th (8) Maggie Ryan, Nichole Obechon, Chelsea Ripley and Kelsey Grant – 2.

Oceanside 7th/8th (37) Kaylee McCorrison – 9; Camden 7th/8th (17) Kelsey Merrill and Mara Dostie – 4.

Boothbay 7th/8th (25) Angie Perkins – 12; Camden 7th (15) Audrey Bowman – 6.

Oceanside 7th/8th (38) Lauren Miller, Charlotte Leperaulo, Gabby Simmons and Aubrey Anderson – 6; Boothbay 7th/8th (20) Nicole Clarke – 9.

Lincoln 7th/8the (34) Brie Wajer – 13; Camden 7th/8th (14) Kelsey Merrill – 6.

Oceanside 7th/8th (45) Amelia Campbell – 10; Camden 7th (8) Meghan Gallagher and Jordan Brackett – 4.

Medomak 7th/8th (18) Cassidy Taylor and Gabby DePatsy – 4; Camden 7th/8th (17) Laticia Billings – 9.

Lincoln 7th/8th (64) Brie Wajer – 15; Boothbay 7th/8th (7) Cagney O'Brien – 5.

Medomak 7th/8th (20) Nichole Obuchon and Gabby DePatsy – 6; Camden 7th (16) Audrey Bowman – 7.

Championship: Lincoln 7th/8th (34) Brie Wajer – 15; Oceanside 7th/8th (20) Lauren Miller – 9.

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