Neighbors of a trailer at 511 Ash Point Drive hail its removal as a positive sign of the local political system.

"This is a story about how the system works, if one is willing to give it a chance," Ash Point Road resident Gordon Page said by email.

Page, who lives next door to the trailer, wrote, "Perhaps this can be the impetus for the town to pursue other problem properties."

Page had been one of the neighborhood residents speaking up at board of selectmen meetings last fall about the trailer.

On March 14, a contractor began tearing down the Ash Point Drive mobile home.

Zach Brown of Rockland has been retained by the JABD Group of New York, owners of the property, as a general contractor for the project.

Brown said at the site that he had been asked by Jill Skrabarak, one of the owners, to remove the trailer and consider building a two-story summer cottage on the footprint.

So far, no one has filed an application for a building permit, according to the town office. The only building permit was the one issued to the owner for removing the trailer.

Selectmen had taken up the matter of the property as a possible dangerous building at their December meeting. Their discussion was a response to neighbors of the property in question appearing at a meeting in August and asking that the board authorize the code officer to take action.

The mobile home was on a three-sided, 40,000-square-foot lot. The trailer was on a slab and had been unoccupied for up to 10 years.

Over time, windows and doors were boarded up, but also just as often the broken windows were exposed, Selectmen Chairman Richard Carver had written in an email to the Maine Municipal Association, when the board sought legal advice on how to proceed.

One reason for not removing the trailer was the lot itself, which is a non-conforming size. Selectmen said the owner's concern was that tearing down the building would remove the footprint so that another building could not be put in its place.

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