The Vernal Equinox is almost upon us, and there is a chance that the dustings of snow and the winter winds will cease soon. The melting dirt-covered snow on the roadsides has made sculptures like miniature Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy in Canada. I’ve seen mergansers in Old Harbor, loons near the Lobstermen’s Co-Op in town, and bald eagles flying past our house and along the thoroughfare. The most recent Vinalhaven Sightings Report by Kirk Gentalen tells of more exotic sightings including owls, otter and mink, and you can enjoy reading more about that at .

Municipal news

Actually not part of the town, next to the town garage, MaineWater has a new building going up. Though the foundation has been there for a while, it seems many folks hadn’t noticed, so when the building popped up this week and was enclosed all over the course of a couple days, some folks were a bit surprised. The MaineWater office is a small space that shares the Town Garage complex, so surely this new addition gains them much needed space.

School events

Since it was reported on in the past, it’s worth noting that the Vinalhaven School Visioning Committee has changed its first meeting date to Wednesday, March 27 and will meet from 6 to 7 p.m. in the high school math room. Email or call 863-4800 for more information or to add your name to the committee list. Do consider coming to help with this important process, and if you can’t make it, consider talking a friend into joining the fun! As far as other school news, the Vinalhaven School has two weeks off for March break since it decided to not have February and April break this year, so school news will be slim for a while until school gets back in session on March 25.

What folks are talking about

Folks are talking about spring and even summer if you would believe it. So committees all over are working on their spring and summer event details. Charlie Brown is organizing a Spring Chorus Concert and there’s still time to join up so call Charlie for more details at 799-0491. The group will rehearse on Sundays at the Union Church at 4 p.m. As the Vinalhaven Historical Society looks forward to their summer season, they’re now featuring a Picture of the Week on the website. You might enjoy the challenge of studying the old photos for traces of present buildings and noticing the changes over time.

The other topic I have noticed around town is folks lamenting about the length and cold of the winter and how some people seem much more down this winter than in the past. It is sad to report that there have been so many cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder all over the place, and surely here as well. Some ways to combat SAD are through creativity, being around people, getting involved in group activities, and of course through light therapy, medication, etc. but we can leave those up to the medical professionals.

This past week, at Lego Day at the ARCafe, it was hard to tell who was having more fun with the creativity of building and searching for fun new pieces — the adults, or the children. Numerous adults and teens also watched, and some commented on their love of Legos and how nice it was to watch creativity in action. So give some creative outlet a try. Photography, writing, drawing, even the kid arts of coloring or Legos might be fun and good for the mental health while we wait for spring to arrive.

If you have news to share that you’d like to see in this column, please drop me a line at or leave a message at 863-4134.