Fortunate to live here

We are so fortunate to be living in this wonderful part of the world and what happened to me recently certainly exemplified this. I was going to the Thoaston grocery store for a minor purchase when in my haste I tripped on the step of one of those built to ease access to the elevated sidewalk. I fell face-forward, landing on the sidewalk with considerable force, striking my head and face.

Immediately a member of the staff at the store appeared, lending comfort as well as help in my trying to stand. Helping in that was a postal worker whose strength certainly helped me into the store where I was surrounded by caring individuals. Suddenly there appeared our chief of police, who took over, called the ambulance and their wonderful members.

Being in my 90s, this whole experience was most tryng. I was driven to Pen Bay where they did their usual wonderful professional job. I am so grateful for all who helped and cared. We are blessed to be living in this wonderful area. Thanks everyone.

Sandor P. Walker



Maine’s credit card is maxed out

Maine has come to a point in time were we have maxed out our credit card and the card needs to be cut up and thrown away.

We needs to take the first step of getting debt free.

For the first time in many a Maine Governors terms, we have a governor in Paul LePage; who is acting like a good father and tells his legitimate children, the way it is! He treats us as responsible grown children with the truth — but there are still those who refuse to accept the facts that we are broke, and we need to pay our bills and stop the spending.

Jesus used the analogy of a good father in the Scripture; "A good and loving father will discipline the child that he loves, but a child that is not truly loved will not be disciplined." Therefore the one who is not disciplined is like an illegitimate child. If we teach our children to be very careful how they spend their money, then that is a sign of our love for them. To teach them to think in a discerning honest way so they will not get into debt and ruin their live. Isn’t this a good principle? Think about it!

Now, which father would you want for your dad, the one who gives you everything you want, or the one who really cares and teaches you to govern your ways into prosperity?

In order to get Maine’s house in order Gov. Le Page has devised a plan to use Maine’s liquor revenue to pay off the debt we owe our hospitals and establish a balanced budget for Maine.

So why pray tell are there those who are determined to continue on the same road and spend Maine into oblivion?

The governor may not be the best politician in the world, but I can tell you with real conviction, he tells it the way it is…the truth!

When it comes to spending, some of Maine’s politicians are acting like spoiled children — all they care about is getting re-elected!

Shouldn’t they be doing the people’s business?

To start, just cut up the debt card and listen to the governor‘s plan.

Gene Graves