A search through Camden Herald archives revealed the following:

One year ago, 2012

The newspapers were out of business. Owner Richard Anderson posted a letter on the VillageSoup websites the papers would cease to exist immediately. Employees found out at the same time as customers and the public.

Five years ago, 2008

Handicapped citizens were under the financial guillotine. Preparing for bad financial news, the executive director of the Coastal Workshop on Limerock Street said he has never seen such economically bad times in the state of Maine's human services sector.

An independent study of Maine birds, carried out in towns including Lincolnville and Islesboro by BioDiversity Research Institute, concludes that more than 100 harmful contaminants exist in Maine bird eggs. Flame retardants (PBDEs), industrial stain and water repellants (PFCs), transformer coolants (PCBs), pesticides (OCs) and mercury are reported to have been found in all 23 species of birds tested.

Hope Fire Department raised $1,700 to benefit the new Hope Corner Fire Station Fund.

10 years ago, 2003

Dairy farms on the brink; Lincolnville's last herd at risk. Life in the dairy farm industry has become so difficult that Mike Moody thought about selling his herd of 30 milk cows and 15 heifers and getting out of the business.

Chickawaukie recovers from phosphorus contamination. Over the years, chemicals from farm fertilizers washed down hillsides and off the roads into the lake, settling to the bottom. Along with leakage from faulty septic systems, these chemicals led to a buildup of phosphorus in the sediments at the bottom of the lake.

Lianne McCluskey led the Sailfish Swim Team as the 10-year-old Hope resident finished first in the 50 butterfly and 50 breaststroke. Wrestlers Chris Remsen and Levi Rollins were among the best at New Englands. Remsen finished third and was believed to be the highest place earned by a Windjammer at New Englands in school history. Rollins also etched his place in school history by becoming the Windjammers' all-time career wins leader with 150.

25 years ago, 1988

At the next Olympics, Camden could be mentioned — if 18-year-old Sari Skaling continues along the successful path she's been following lately. Skaling, daughter of Michael and Pat Skaling of Camden and a 1987 Camden-Rockport High School  graduate, finished 12th in slalom at the first post-Olympic World Cup alpine ski competition of the season.

A Rockport sewage plant still a viable option. Rockport's option to build a sewer treatment plant of its own rather than link to Camden's system has been looking more and more appealing lately, according to a story published at the time.

From Food For Thought by Richard McLaughlin: More flavor for a graham cracker crust: moisten the crumbs with mashed banana instead of butter. Better for you, too.

50 years ago, 1963

Call for rebuilding Democratic Party in Knox County issued.

Chef Zan Dority's famous scallop stew to highlight YMCA supper.

Go-Car race  on Hosmer Pond. Walter Campbell of Camden organized a race to take place at the Camden Outing Club's Snow Bowl. There was to be at least 10 "Go-Cars," from 3 to 8 horsepower, capable of going 60 mph. An oval raceway measuring one quarter mile was plowed on the pond.

100 years ago, 1903

So sad…one of the few missing years of our archives.