A 7-foot-tall Maine State Prison inmate, incarcerated for previous assault convictions, will spend three more years behind bars for assaulting a caseworker with a lock.

Gregory Leeman, 52, pleaded guilty to an aggravated assault charge March 4 and was sentenced to three years for the July 2012 incident at the Maine State Prison.

Prior to the attack on the caseworker, Leeman entered the woman's office and asked about getting a phone number to contact an old friend and also needed a telephone amplifier — his voice is weak due to a medical condition, according to court documents.

The caseworker told Leeman she did not have such a device in her office and asked him to speak with somebody else about his request the next morning.

In the investigative report, the victim said there was no call from the pod officer asking if she was able to see the inmate prior to his arrival.

She then called for a guard to talk with Leeman about his request and the guard and Leeman left. Minutes later, the inmate returned to the office and struck her in the head with a padlock attached to a cord, according to a Department of Corrections investigative report. The device was in an accordion folder the inmate had with him.

The lock Leeman used was issued to him, and the electrical cord used came from his his Play Station.

The caseworker told investigators after Leeman hit her, he got on top of her and she began to scream. She was able to crawl under her desk and help arrived.

She was treated by the prison medical department at the scene and taken to Pen Bay Medical Center, where her wound required six stitches to close.

According to the report, there was blood on Leeman's clothing and on the floor of the caseworker's office following the assault.

Leeman was detained by officers and taken to the Special Management Unit for a mental health evaluation.

DNA evidence taken at the scene was sent to the state crime lab.

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