School Administrative 40 Board of Directors and Superintendent Susan Pratt unveiled an unchanged budget for the 2013-2014 school year.

The $22.1 million proposed budget, however, does not include any adjustments to administrative contracts, as negotiations continue. Also any effects of the state's revenue sharing budget have yet to be disclosed.

During the board's regular meeting March 7, Pratt noted it is difficult to "proceed until we get more financial information."

She said, "The budget is two-sided: what do you have and what can you spend."

Of note in the proposed budget are:

— Medomak Middle School, increase of $58,000 in Maintenance of Building (water testing, Honeywell service contracts, elevator inspections, mowing, and Seacoast Security) are partial contributors

— Warren Elementary School, decrease of $72,000 in Teacher Salaries, a teaching position eliminated that had been added in last year and another position with a teacher retiring; anticipation of a replacement is at a lesser amount

— Warren Elementary School, increase of $39,000 in Teacher Benefits, anticipated budgeting of full family health insurance plan and adjusting health insurance to a different level with increased premiums

— Friendship Elementary School, decrease of $47,500 in Elementary Programs, although no programs were cut a decision was made after the budget referendum last year, and a proposed retirement

"One of our major increases this year is the employer share of state retirement that the state has said the schools need to start paying at 2.65 percent," said SAD 40 Business Manager Karla Miller in an email.

Student population has declined by 24.5 pupils during the past year, but the local contribution increased by $514,368 or 4.75 percent.

The five communities could pay as follows:

Friendship: $1,474,916

Union: $1,712,821

Waldoboro: $4,038,515

Warren: $2,961,789

Washington: $1,145,088

The number of pupils and each town valuation percentage is:

Friendship: 145.50 pupils, 18.01 percent valuation

Union: 256.50 pupils, 16.09 percent valuation

Waldoboro: 671.50 pupils, 34.25 percent valuation

Warren: 557.50 pupils, 21.53 percent valuation

Washington: 183 pupils, 10.12 percent valuation

The committee has held two followup meetings since the proposed budget was presented, however canceled the March 5 meeting. On March 7, it was decided to move the March 12 scheduled meeting to March 18. Pratt said this is necessary "so that each town has a chance to participate."

The budget must be adopted by the board by Friday, April 12.

A district-wide budget meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 28.

The budget validation referendum is set for Tuesday, June 11.

Board approves school calendar

Pratt presented the 2013-2014 school calendar during the March 7 board meeting.

The district will begin its academic year the day after Labor Day, according to Pratt.

The change moves the end of the academic calendar a little bit later in June, but puts the district in alignment with other schools.

Vice Chairman Dennis Wooster of Warren felt that five early release days was too many, and did not support the proposed calendar.

Board member Gayle Hawes of Union said this is the first calendar she will vote for because it will allow for the kids involved in 4-H to participate in the Union Fair, which is typically at the end of the summer.

"I think these things are very important," Hawes commented, adding "I think it's very educational."

Lynda Letteney, board member from Waldoboro, questioned the dates of Jan. 2 and 3 as being open days.

"Several years ago this district did extend the vacation through that week because it was very economically feasible to keep the buildings' temperatures down for a solid two weeks," she said.

Pratt explained that it was brought up, but noted that would put them over the five allotted early release days. She said, "the early release days are basically two and a half hours of training time."

"We really have minimum professional development time," Pratt stated, adding "opening day is one workshop day, and that is mostly taken up by administration."

"The allotted five half-days for professional development is really not a ridiculous amount of time," Pratt said.

Following the vote on the school calendar, which passed with one vote against it, the board went into executive session to discuss employment contracts.

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