The Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference Class B all-conference and all-academic selections for cheering, ice hockey, indoor track and swimming and diving have been released, which includes positive news for Midcoast student-athletes.

Athletes from Camden Hills, Oceanside, Belfast, Mount View and Medomak Valley were recognized for their efforts in swimming and diving, indoor track, cheering and ice hockey, with Belfast boys swim coach Bob Winslow and Camden Hills girls swim coach Sara Cole named coaches of the year.

Medomak Valley senior cheerleader Lindsey Miller also was Class B athlete of the year for her sport.

KVAC Class B basketball and wrestling all-conference selections were previously announced.

The following are Midcoast athletes named KVAC Class B all-conference and all-academic:

Ice hockey

First-team all-conference — Camden Hills' Jack Orne and Cal Robbins.

Second-team all-conference — Camden Hills' Grayson Szumilas.

All-academic — Camden Hills' Robbins.

Indoor track

Boys first-team all-conference — Belfast's Owen Falvey, Jordan Hill, Jacob Levangie, Drew Nealey and Travis Tufo; Camden Hills' Ben Trapani; and Mount View's Lorenzo Milani.

Girls first-team all-conference — Belfast's Kelsey Grass and Cassidy Hill; Medomak Valley's Nicole Nicholls; and Oceanside' Abby Hersom.

All-academic — Belfast's Grant Richards and Allie Njaa; Medomak Valley's Desiree Leary; and Mount View's Masha Faulkner, Kyrstyn Keating and Kaytlyn Porter

Swimming and diving

Boys first-team all-conference — Belfast's Jerahmy Clapp, Jack Schnetzer, Jack Smith, James Valnicek, Gabe Alex and Jonathan Clapp; Camden Hills' Kyle Crans, Peter Gimlewicz, Eddie McCluskey and Mark McCluskey; and Oceanside's Julian Abaldo and Alden Mason.

Girls first-team all-conference — Belfast's Hannah Meiden; Camden Hills' Anabel Carter, Eliza Carter, Helen Carter, Emma Gutheinz, Avary Lamont, Moira Pieri, Ella Scott, Margaux Scott and Keeli Wood.

All-academic— Belfast's Jonathan Clapp, Geneva Bielenberg and Maria Swebilius; Camden Hills' Gimlewicz, Eddie McCluskey, Sean Oshima, Margaux Scott and Cody Prandelli; and Medomak Valley's Ariele Rancourt.

Boys coach of the year — Belfast's Winslow.

Girls coach of the year — Camden Hills' Cole.


First-team all-conference — Medomak Valley's Miller, Olivia Ryan, Cassie Dever and Kelsie Grady; and Oceanside's Chelsea Keyes and Elizabeth Fletcher.

All-academic — Medomak Valley's Grady and Jessica Prescott; Mount View's Lindsey Lizotte and Katelyn Ross; and Kendra Finnegan and Caroline Luttrell.

Class B athlete of the year — Medomak Valley's Miller.

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