We seem to be in the world of winter fog here in Vinalhaven as the snow melts and the overcast skies have brought a mix of rain and snow. It cuts down on outdoor snow activities, but folks seem to be keeping busy inside. Reading and crafting seem to be highlights with the book clubs continuing to meet monthly to discussion their selections, the weekly Crafter’s Night at 5 Elements Gallery looking and the knitters meeting at the library once a week working on hats and other projects.

Municipal news

Some new utility poles have been put up out on East Boston Road and the reverberations of the drilling necessary to place them could be heard far and wide during the week. Sand trucks have been out keeping roads safe, but the plows haven’t been quite as busy which no one seems to mind much. The Comprehensive Plan Community Conversations continue in March and into April with gatherings to discuss the various resources and interests on the island. The next meeting March 7 focuses on Housing, Historic and Archaeological Resources and Existing Land Use and will be held at 64 Main Street at 6 p.m. If you have thoughts on these topics about what has been done in the past, what’s happening currently, or what could be improved in the future, please do come to this meeting and share your thoughts.

School events

At the Vinalhaven School, the National Honor Society is gearing up for the yearly Jump Rope for Heart event that will be held at the school gym on Saturday, March 30. Though it’s a while away, students may be asking community members soon for donations which will help raise money for the American Heart Association. It’s important to think of it as more than a fundraiser though, as this activity is a fun morning where students in kindergarten through fifth-grade participate in jump rope activities at various stations in multi-age teams and enjoy healthy snacks. Thanks for helping out in any little way you can. If a student does not approach you to donate and you would like to help out, a check in any amount made to the American Heart Association would be gladly accepted at the school’s front office or 22 Arcola Lane, Vinalhaven, ME 04863.

What folks are talking about

Though I plugged it last week, folks really are still talking about "Noises Off!," the play produced by Vinalhaven Players at the Smith Hokanson Memorial Hall March 1, 2, and 3. In the days leading up to opening night a few cast members admitted to being tired and after rehearsing for over four hours each day for days in a row, who wouldn’t be. But once I saw the production, I better understood their tiredness and their commitment. Parts of the play are nothing less than athletic, with cast members running, jumping, dashing around the stage, doing pantomime, fighting, and even swinging an axe! The hours of practice paid off because the performance was packed with energy and laughs, funny facial expressions and well-delivered lines. At times there’s such fast action that you might do well to go more than once to catch it all. If you missed it this time round or want to catch the action again, you’ll get a chance this summer in the reprise of "Noises Off!" July 12, 13, and 14, so mark your calendar and see if you can book a few of those summer guests for that weekend while you’re at it.

Around town the snow is melting and though we keep getting small dustings of snow, the ground is softening up and folks seem pretty done with the concept of winter. People are counting the days till daylight saving time begins, making plans for St. Patrick’s Day and thinking ahead to Easter at the end of the month as it’s not every year we get Easter tucked into March. So hopefully soon the shovel can be stored away for the year. This week might be a good one to bring in a few sticks of forsythia to force the issue of spring and bring a little color inside to tide us over until we start seeing a wider variety of colors outside.

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