Fox Hill Investments and potential buyer H. Thompson "Tom" Rodman, 64, of New York City, have failed to reach a purchase and sale agreement on the 235 Bay View St. property that — pending a zoning special exception — could have transformed the site into a high-end alcohol and co-occurring addiction rehabilitation facility.

Attorney Paul Gibbons, who represents Rodman, said the news of the rejection of his client’s offer came as “a complete surprise.”

According to an email from Camden Planner and Code Enforcement Officer Steve Wilson, Planning Board public hearings slated for March 6 and 13 have been canceled.

"[I]n light of these developments the requested Zoning amendment has been withdrawn," Wilson wrote in his 3:39 p.m. email.

Wilson said Tuesday morning he had not yet spoken with Rodman’s attorney Paul Gibbons, but that without a purchase and sale agreement on the property, Camden Planning Board has "nothing to move on."

The purchase and sales agreement was what gave Rodman "the standing to actually request the zoning change,” Wilson said.

Without that real estate option, the Planning Board cannot move to forward the proposed zoning special exception on to the Camden Select Board, putting the project “in a legal quandary,” Wilson said.

Rodman said Tuesday morning he had reached an oral agreement with Fox Hill Investments and previously "expected to have a signed copy on Monday," but the seller "changed her mind and didn't want to do an option on the property."

Had the project gained requisite municipal approval, the facility would have purportedly been operated by Massachusetts-based McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School psychiatric teaching facility affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital.

According to Fox Hill Investments attorney James Elliott of Camden, a "myriad of reasons" were responsible for the failure to reach an agreement between Fox Hill Investments and Rodman.

Elliott said any potential rehabilitation facility project will not be tied to an option on the 235 Bay View St. property, which was formerly owned by MBNA cofounder Charles Cawley.

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