Kelly and Michael Woods, acting as DJMK Inc., owners of Trackside Station, have filed suit against Jeanette and Dwayne Knowlton for failure to pay a remaining balance of $24,697 — stemming from an agreement reached in summer 2012.

The Knowltons were at one time partners with the Woods family in ownership of Trackside.

In failing to make payments, the Knowltons are in breach of their obligation, according to the court filing.

The plaintiffs have suffered damages as consequence of the Knowltons' breach of contract including inability to make timely payment for tax liability and professional services associated with the settlement agreement, state court documents.

The contractual agreement stated the Knowlton's would pay $65,000 plus interest to the Woods, pursuant to a specific payment schedule.

The first payment — $40,000 — was due Sept. 17.

The remaining balance was to be paid in 12 monthly installments, in an amount of no less than $1,000. A balloon payment of $15,000 plus any interest was to be the final amount paid.

With the agreement, a lien was put on the Knowltons' mortgage for collateral security.

The Woods are represented by Camden attorney Sarah Gilbert.

The Knowltons formerly operated The Landings Restaurant in Rockland.

In November 2012, a case in district court  was ruled in favor of plaintiff Stentorian Management Inc. — filing against the Knowltons. The plaintiff was granted possession of the Landings property, according to court documents.

In a Facebook post March 4, Jeanette Knowlton wrote they have "happily signed a lease for the Amato's space." The couple plan to open a new business in the space, called SLICE, around March 21. They plan to serve a similar menu as Amato's but with different types of sandwiches and pizzas made from Boar's Head cheeses and meats.

Kate and Mike Miller, owners of Brick's Restaurant in Rockland, signed a lease Jan. 29 to open a new restaurant out of the former Landings building. Kate Miller said at that time the couple plan to open the new restaurant in mid-April, offering steaks and seafood on the menu.

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