The following is a synopsis of the state Class B championships, held Feb. 20-22 at Black Mountain in Rumford, from Camden Hills Alpine ski coach Chris Christie:

Overall team

Collectively, we went in to this state championship at the peak of our game. Training had been going extremely well highlighted by a training day at the Snow Bowl on a trail that was solid ice and the kids skied it so well … their confidence was through the roof. The girls team knew going in that it was going to be tough. A team score consists of four skiers … and that is all we brought. And, in ski racing, no matter how well you are skiing, the run can end at anytime. So, they knew they would all have to ski fast and finish in order to do something. For the boys, they set a goal at the start of the year to finish no worse than second. We knew we had one of the best teams in the state.

Team results – girls

After the first day of giant slalom, the girls sat in a tie for third place. That is probably better than we had expected but we knew it could happen it they all skied great and that is exactly what they did. The slalom race is always considered the great equalizer as runs can end in a heartbeat. It is a fast-paced race with lots of turns and the hill was very solid. Unfortunately, a couple of the girls did not make it through with clean runs and the team finished in eight place. That result then pushed the girls back to seventh overall for the alpine events.

Team results – boys

After the first run of giant slalom, the boys sat in first place by more than 15 points and they were the talk of the ski area. What we hoped would happen, did happen. That is, we needed to ski great and two of the other teams that we considered our main competition, had to have some troubles. However, on the second run, those troubles bounced our way as a couple of our key skiers went down. After the dust settled, the boys sat in fourth place … but still within striking distance. In the slalom, the athletes skied very well but a bit conservative. Again, they finished in fourth for the day and fourth overall.

Individual results – girls

• Lydia Morin (2nd in giant slalom, 2nd in slalom)

Once again, Lydia proved that she is one of the strongest alpine skiers in the state…and only a sophmore! This year she really started to take ownership of her skiing and started to understand what it really means to be a complete ski racer. It started with dryland and continued right through the season. Each race she gained in confidence and that showed in her results.

• Rose Flanagan (24th in giant slalom, did not finish in slalom)

Coming into her freshman year, Rose had set high expectations for herself. Coming off an incredibly successful middle school career, Rose wanted to achieve those same results at the high school level. While they were not always there, her potential did show during the states. In the giant slalom, she had trouble on the first run and then came back with a blistering second run with the seventh fastest run of the day. That is an indicator of how well she skis. In the slalom, like many of the athletes, Rose fell in one section of the course. Before she fell, she was really skiing well. I wanted her to finish so badly so she could have the result that she wanted. That particular section of the course is an area that claimed many of the racers.

• Raine Ellison (17th in giant slalom, 38th in slalom, 8th in skimeister)

I really think that the states was Raine's best race of the season. The two weeks leading into the states was filled with great training. The training day on upper Mussel [Ridge] at the Snow Bowl under very tough conditions was the key to her states. The result in slalom is not indicative of her skiing as she also had trouble on the first run and then came back with the 20th fastest run on the second run. Plus, I give her so much credit for being able to juggle the alpine events and nordic events. At states, that really puts a toll on the athletes as they are required to do four events in three days. I am so proud of her for finishing in the top 10 in the skimeister. She has already commented on her goal for next year which is great.

• Martha Moskowitz (37th in giant slalom, 36th in slalom, 10th in skimeister)

I think even Martha would agree that she exceeded her expectations this year. While a very experienced skier, she had never raced before. And then to combine that with training and racing in all of the Nordic events … truly an impressive performance. Her skiing has become so solid over the course of the year. She is more dynamic and has a greater understanding of ski racing. It will be fun to watch Martha continue to develop as a ski racer.

Individual results – boys

• Crockett Lalor (did not finish in giant slalom, 10th in slalom)

I don't think states went exactly how Crockett anticipated. Coming into states, Crockett was firing on all cylinders. But, as I have said, ski racing is not like many sports … there are so many outside things that can influence a run. After the first run of giant slalom, Crockett sat in second place. That is about where we thought he should be. During the second run, and in a really weird part of the course, Crockett got caught up on his inside ski and fell. Making it to the shootouts where they determine the team that represents the state at the Eastern High School Championships is a great accomplishment. In order to do that an athlete must finish in the top 10 in either race. Crockett skied a bit conservative but very solid to finish in 10th place and qualify. At the shootouts, Crockett can let it rip which is when he is at his best.

• Cole Ellison (10th in giant slalom, 16th in slalom, 2nd in skimeister)

What a great way to end a tremendous year for Cole. He has trained so hard all year and the results truly showed his commitment to his skiing. Cole qualified for the shootouts with his 10th-place finish in giant, which is a great accomplishment. As a co-captain of the team, Cole represents what being the complete athlete is all about. He supports his teammates and leads by example with his training. Due to his commitment to training, he also finished as the state runner-up in the skimeister division which is incredible.

• Brendan Carey (did not finish in giant slalom, 12th in slalom)

Like the rest of the boys team, Brendan was skiing his best going in to states. And like Crockett, his first run of giant slalom was one of his best runs of the season. After the first run, Brendan sat in sixth place. On the second run, during inspection, we focused on one area that we knew if we did not enter it on the right line it would be difficult. I think Brendan may have been carrying more speed than he thought because he skied the upper section so well. When he entered that area his line was not where he wanted it and he fell. In the slalom, he skied very well and finished in 12th.

• Jake Davee (8th in giant slalom, 28th in slalom)

This was a great race for Jake. Going in, I'm not sure that Jake had set the goal of making shootouts. I knew, based on recent training, that if he skied clean he would have a shot at it especially in giant slalom. That is a very impressive result. In slalom, he also skied very well but had some trouble on each run. Over the course of the year, Jake has continued to grow as a ski racer. I am so proud of him for his results at states.

• Chapin Lamont (20th in giant slalom, 22nd in slalom)

Overall, a great states for Chapin. At every practice leading up to states, you could see his confidence growing. He has been a consistent teammate this year and that really showed at states. Chapin is one of those athletes that wants to push it every run. In ski racing, part of the secret to going fast is learning when you can take chances and when you need to focus on technique. He is learning more and more every practice. As a second-year racer, his accomplishments are very impressive.

• Eben Kopp (28th in giant slalom, 30th in slalom)

Probably more than any other athlete, I am so proud of Eben. Last year was filled with injuries that kept him from performing his best. This year, he struggled with changes in his skiing. About a month ago, we made a drastic change to his skiing. While he struggled at first, he stayed committed, which is a credit to his determination. The last couple of practices were the best ones of the year for Eben. He has struggled to finish runs all year and at states he finished all four runs with very respectful finishes. A great way to end his high school skiing career.

Future outlook – girls

Next year appears to be another great year for the team. The oldest member of the team this year is a sophomore. Combine the current athletes with the group of athletes coming in from the successful middle school team and the outlook for next year is solid.

Future outlook – boys

The outlook for next season is promising. There will be a couple of key losses in Cole Ellison and Eben Kopp, but there is a group of talented young middle school skiers who captured the state championship this year coming in over the next couple of years.

Both programs look to be state championship contenders for the next few years as the racing programs at the Camden Snow Bowl continue to grow and the middle school teams continue to win.

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