Martha's Vineyard Island

enchanted area just a stone's throw from Cape Cod,

Like a secret hiding place

set among gulls, Atlantic swells and right whales.


That summer in '72

two sisters emerged on the threshold of adulthood

forever strengthening the bond

that only sisters can share

in deep understanding, communication without voices,

the same smiles and sense of humor;

bound in strong kinship.


Years have gone by

but wasn't it just yesterday

we journeyed up-island in thick evening fog?

Each time a car approached

a bright ring of light formed

we could jump in and out of that mystical halo.


But you had to be there

to appreciate the unusual effect

because nobody seems to understand

the magic of that island evening.

Yet, when I close my eyes

I still feel the mist on my face.


Nancy T. Jones of Warren is a retired school teacher. She taught grades four through six at Friendship Village School for decades. Now she has the time to pursue passions, including family, horses and music. She runs a music jam at Sharp's Sail Power and Steam Museum every Sunday afternoon.