A head-on collision in slippery road conditions caused injuries and blocked traffic on Route 131 in South Thomaston on the evening of Feb. 27, according to the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

The crash involved four vehicles near Box 571.

Clayton Philbrook, 32, of Arundle, was traveling south on Route 131 and started to slide sideways, according to information provided by Sheriff Donna Dennison. Philbrook's vehicle spun into the northbound lane and struck a vehicle driven by Candice Carpentier, 31, of St. George, who then struck Penelope Fontanez, 54, of St. George, and then continued into the southbound lane, striking Melissa Delano, 39, of St. George head-on.

Penelope Fontanez, Melissa Delano and her son were taken to PenBay Medical Center for complaint of pain.

Deputies Nathaniel Jack, David Johnson and Lt. Kirk Guerrette responded to the crash.