A group of local students in the Rockland Public Library's Children's Writing Club visited the offices of The Courier-Gazette Feb. 20 to learn about how newspapers are made.

About seven students toured the offices on the fourth floor of the Breakwater Marketplace at 91 Camden St.. Among them were students from Owls Head and Rockland as well as home school students.

Janet Corcoran and Nikki Castellano were the chaperones.

The club has produced its own publication with Matthew Thomas Young, 11, reporting the following about the field trip:

"The Children’s Writing Club participated in a field trip at the Courier-Gazette on February 20th. I am reporter Matthew Thomas Young ready to tell you the scoop!

"A kind woman named Dagney Ernest guided us through the first half of the tour. The first room she showed us was a small room where the computer programmers edit the newspaper website (knox.villagesoup.com). Ms. Ernest then showed us the room where the pages for the newspaper are formatted (they were formatting the art section of the newspaper). We also went to a room where people created ads for the newspaper and website. We got to see how to design an animated ad.

"One of the most exciting parts of the tour was when we met a man named Ken Waltz. He was in charge of the Sport Section of the newspaper; he had a camera that could take ten pictures per second. We got to try the camera and take pictures.

"We met the editor Daniel Dunkle, he showed us the News Room, and gave us some tips on writing a newspaper article. Those tips were very helpful in writing this article. He took a picture of us to put in an article. The last place we visited was his personal office, and he showed us how he could put the article of how we visited the Gazette on their website.

"The Children’s Writing had so much fun visiting the Courier Gazette!"