Not even tough winter weather conditions could stop young Midcoast athletes from making their appointed rounds to the basket and up-and-down the court during the Mid-Coast Youth Basketball League playoffs, held on different days at different venues Feb. 6-17.

The league, open to fourth through sixth graders, held its championship games on Sunday, Feb. 17 at Thomaston Grammar School.

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It was the 10th year the “perpetual” league championship plaques will reside in the championship team’s communities for display until the following season, said Wayne Judkins, St. George recreation director.

At the time the newest champions are crowned, the plaques are engraved with the latest winning team names and then displayed in their community school and/or town office.

Last year’s team champions were the St. George boys and Vinalhaven girls. Towns involved have included teams from Cushing, St. George, Thomaston and Vinalhaven. This season marks the first time fourth graders from all the communities have participated with the fifth- and sixth-grade group.

The league is designed with a player rotation system to allow for as much equal playing time as possible for all, while permitting the last four minutes of the game to be coaches’ choice on players, said Judkins. League standing are not kept so playoff seedings are drawn from a hat.

Games are played with a woman’s-sized basketball, a nine-foot high hoop and a closer foul line for those who cannot reach from the regular free-throw line. Board certified referees are used whenever available for playoff games and admission to the games are free.

This “feeder program” is designed to offer a positive, encouraging environment promoting proper techniques, team play and fun for all, said Judkins.

A recap of playoff games included:

On Feb. 6 at TGS in a boys game, Cushing Cobras edged Thomaston White 43-42, as Nick Jones scored 10 points and Blaine Fogg eight. For Thomaston, Nathan Coombs tallied 14 points and another player, with the first name of Jordan, added 11.

On Feb. 6 at St. George in a boys game, St. George Knights bested Thomaston Black 55-45, as Drew Minery tallied 15 points and Amos Anderson 13. For Thomaston, Michael McGeady dumped in 19 points and Isiah Millay, Christian Weed and Nick Banda all seven.

Games for Feb. 8-10 were moved due to winter storm Nemo.

On Feb. 12 at St. George in a girls game, St. George Dragons bested Thomaston White 45-22, as Brooke Post tallied 23 points and Meghan Keizer eight. For Thomaston, Emily Weed scored five points and players Morgan and Kyla, whose last names were unavailable, both four.

On Feb. 16 at TGS in a girls game, Thomaston Black won by forfeit over Vinalhaven Vikings, who could not play due to player illness.

On Feb. 16 at TGS in a boys game, Vinalhaven Vikings bested Cushing Cobras 35-29, as Frank Osgood scored 10 points and Joe Hopkins and Keatah Lear both six. For Cushing, Sammy Collins netted 13 points and Blaine Fogg five.

On Feb. 16 at St. George in a girls game, the St. George Dragons edged St. George Knights 33-28, as Brooke Post tossed in 23 points and Meghan Keizer eight. Chloe Fournier and Chloe Simmons both scored 10 points for the Knights.

On Feb. 16 at St. George in a boys game, St. George Dragons beat St. George Knights 39-37, as Drew Minery tallied 15 points and Hunter Hoppe 10. For the Knights, Aaron Benner scored 11 points and Cameron Kingsbury nine.

On Feb. 17 at TGS in the boys championship game, St. George Dragons bested Vinalhaven Vikings 50-30, as Amos Anderson tallied 15 points, Zach Cody 11 and Drew Minery 10. For the islanders, Mitch Hopkins scored nine points, Frank Osgood eight and Adam Dyer four.

On Feb. 17 at TGS in the girls championship game, Thomaston Black bested St. George Dragons 57-40, as Hannah Moholland scored 16 points, Abby Veilleux 15 and Morgan Heal 12. For the Dragons, Brooke Post netted 14 points, Seanna Montomgery 10 and Sadie Davis five.

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