The Camden Snow Bowl Middle School ski race team competed in — and won — the state Class B championship on Feb. 14.

The Camden boys team won the event with a score of 60 and the Camden girls finished third at 128.

The boys team scores were: Camden 60, Cape Elizabeth 64, Falmouth 159, Yarmouth 168, Freeport 188, Greely 219, Scarborough 289 and Fryeburg 336.

The girls team scores were: Cape Elizabeth 80, Yarmouth 82, Camden 128, Scarborough 151, Shawnee 170, Greely 179, Gray New Gloucester 286, Fryeburg 333, Hebron 413 and Freeport 414.

The Camden boys came from behind to win the final race of the season for middle school student-athletes.

The event consisted of two timed runs in giant slalom and two timed runs in slalom. After the giant slalom event in the morning the Camden boys trailed by three points. Going into the slalom they had to make up those three points in order to be in contention for the crown.

Scoring is calculated by adding the top-four place numbers for each team's athletes for both events.

The sun shone in the afternoon and warmed the snow causing ruts and ice on a challenging course set with three hairpins.

Each of the Camden boys dominated this event with three of the team members placing among the top six. Aidan Manahan missed winning the event by a mere fourteen 1/100th of a second over two runs. But it came down to a stellar performance by Peter Galloway, who finished a strong 15th to capture the title for the Camden team.

Ribbons were awarded for the top-10 finishers in each event. In giant slalom, Aidan Manahan earned 10th place, Aiden Roberts eighth and Geoff West fourth. In slalom, Aiden Roberts achieved sixth, Geoff West third and Aiden Manahan second.

“I am so proud of the kids on this team who have worked all season to make a good showing at states — and look — we won," said coach Weber Roberts. "Many of the kids who place in the top get a lot of recognition on the podium and in the newspaper — but it is really the whole team that trains together, spends hours in the car together, eats lunch together and freezes together that makes a team successful like this. All of these kids who skied today contributed a lot to make this team so much fun to be on this year."

The coach added, "Aidan Manahan has worked so hard to get to this point. He shows up every day we train with a smile on his face and listens to everything we say and then goes out and skis his heart out for his team. Last year, we didnʼt think Aidan Manahan would ever finish a race and this year he is always in the top 10.”

The coach also added, “Aiden Roberts battled back from two terrible runs last weekend to put together two top-10 finishes.”

The Camden girls team captured third in a large field. The girls started with slalom in the morning and finished with giant slalom in the afternoon, The slalom course was hard and fast.

In slalom for Camden, Audrey Heriz-Smith earned a 10th-place ribbon and Ella Simon second-place honors. In giant slalom Jillian Galloway finished ninth and Simon fifth.

“Audrey, Jillian, Zoe [Zwecker] and Ella have grown into extremely tough competitors and skied extremely well today in a field where the margin separating the competitors was very small," said coach Weber. "It is so fun to watch them ski a slalom course with such confidence.”

The Camden Snow Bowl Middle School Ski team has been training on snow since late December as part of the Snow Bowl race programs under the direction of Chris Christie. The athletes train both giant slalom and slalom three times a week. The success of the athletes coming from a small mountain to best a lot of teams that train on big mountains like Shawnee, Sunday River and Sugarloaf is a testament to the vibrant program the Snow Bowl has developed, coach Roberts said.

The team is coached by Mike Bridges and Weber Roberts.

The individual state results for Camden Snow Bowl skiers were:

Boys slalom —  2, Aiden Manahan, 58.46; 3, Geoff West, 58.78; 6, Aiden Roberts, 1:00.29; 15, Peter Galloway, 1:08.71; 21, Cedar Andrus, 1:09.81; 28, Ethan Andrus, 1:12.68; 39, Sawyer King, 1:17.04; 40, Hugh Leavitt, 1:17.51; 45, Micheal Frampton, 1:19.71; and 54, Hayden Christie, 1:30.46.

Boys giant slalom — 4, Geoff West, 53.08; 8, Aiden Roberts, 55.20; 10, Aidan Manahan, 56.61; 12, Warren Galloway, 56.72; 15, Peter Galloway, 57.06; 17, Sawyer King, 57.33; 27, Hugh Leavitt, 59.72; 30, Micheal Frampton, 1:00.17; 31, Cedar Andrus, 1:00.28; 32, Hayden Christie, 1:00.66; 39, Caellen Roberts, 1:01.52; 40, Ethan Andrus, 1:01.80; and 49, Spencer Johndro, 1:05.00.

Girls slalom – 2, Ella Simon, 57.56, 10, Audrey Heriz-Smith, 1:01.99, 30, Jessie Mann, 1:08.17 31, Jillian Galloway, 1:10.04, 33, Samantha Zwecker, 1:11.92, 34, Zoe Zwecker, 1:12.93; and 43, Eliza Robinson, 1:17.03.

Girls giant slalom — 5, Ella Simon, 53.61; 9, Jillian Galloway, 54.95; 20, Zoe Zwecker, 56.34; 21, Audrey Heriz-Smith, 56.6; 32, Jessie Mann, 58.69; Samantha Zwecker, 59.21; and 44, Eliza Robinson, 1:02.96.

The Camden Snow Bowl Middle School race team trains under the auspices of the Camden Snow Bowl and draws students from area middle schools,:Hope, Appleton, Rockport, Lincolnville, Camden, Rockland, Ashwood Waldorf, Riley and Great Salt Bay. Competitors are sixth- through eighth-graders.

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