Ashley Lynn Dare-Pendleton, 20, died peacefully surrounded by family and friends on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013, following a courageous four-year battle with cancer.

Ashley was born on March 7, 1992 in Rockport and is the daughter of Adam Dare and Crissi Pendleton.

Ashley attended Lincolnville Central School and Camden Hills Regional High School. While at Camden Hills, her special interest was attending Mid-Coast School of Technology, specializing in small engine repair. Her dream was to attend NASCAR Technical College in South Carolina.

Ashley's passions included hanging out with her mom, her younger sisters, Abbie and Anna (who she considered her "children"), Dallas Walton, the love of her life, who she wanted a family with, her dog J.R. (pup), watching movies and hanging out with her friends and keeping in touch with them through Facebook.

Ashley enjoyed four-wheeling, climbing Pleasant Mountain in Kevin's Jeep, carpentry and doing her sisters' hair, makeup and nails. She worked at Cuzzy's Restaurant and cleaned at Maine Stay Inn, both located in Camden.

Ashley and her mom spent much time together the past several years while taking road trips to Boston for Ashley's cancer treatments.

Ashley possessed so much spunk and spirit and never wavered in her fight for life. Her smile and beauty always shone through despite her health struggles. She had incredible pride and rarely asked for help from others, instead preferring to take on challenges herself.

The strong-willed young woman had a mature soul well beyond her years, as she always took time to help and comfort others despite dealing with her own difficult issues.

According to Ashley's family, it seems in this world the brightest stars burn out too fast and the truly wonderful people we all seem to need the most go too fast from our lives to touch the angels. Ashley Lynn, your light in this world will never fade, only get brighter and stronger with every moment. We all do not realize how much a person means until they are gone, but with you, my love, we always knew from the first minute you were in this world, Pumpkin Pie, that you are and always will be our love, our hope, our strength, the sunshine of every day. You taught us all the real meaning of love, strength and hope, things that touched each person you met during your life.

You are every beat of our hearts, every tingle of happiness that gives us the strength to get through anything that is thrown in our path of life, always and forever, you are the most beautiful, strong person we have ever known. And we are so proud for you to be our daughter and know you touched a thousand hearts just being you. You are, always and forever, our hero and our everything.

Ashley is predeceased by maternal grandmother Nikki Pendleton and paternal great-grandmother Margaret Spofford, great aunt Laurel Corbette and great uncle Wayne Joyce.

Ashley is survived by her parents Adam Dare and Crissi Pendleton (Mummah), sisters Abigale Dare and Anna Dare; and Dallas Walton (her life's love); and her little man, J.R. (pup pup), all of Lincolnville; Deborah "Ma" Walton, grandparents Wayne Pendleton, Gilbert Dare and Marguerite Dean and auntie gram Judy Roscoe, great-grandfather Bernerd Spofford and great-grandmother Joyce Knight; Dallas Walton's family – Laura Walton, Nicole Emory, Frank and Arlene Sweetland; as well as Joanne and Kenneth Dare, Laura and Lester Pendleton, Kilton Joyce, great uncles Eddie Corbett and Dale Knight, uncles Troy Dare, Matthew Pendleton, Matthew Mills, Amos Jerry, Scott and Wendy Ingraham, Jesse Johnson and Darren Corbette, special great aunt and uncle Sarah and Kenneth Waltz Jr., aunts Robin Mills, Lynn Jerry, Amy Dare Reeves, Sara Dean, Lori McAuliffe, Sara Pendleton; cousins Miranda Paige and Marshall Mills, Amos and Autumn Jerry, William and Claudia Pendleton, Jaida and Jude Dean, Annika, Gabriel, Lilly Reeves, Jennifer, Joshua, Chad, Evan and Gracie McAuliffe, Hailee Langley, Gavin and Arianna Pierce, Brandon Waltz and Jesse and Brett Ingraham.

She also is survived by many other great aunts and uncles, as well second, third and fourth cousins. To family and friends not mentioned, your love has been felt and we will be in touch.

There will be a celebration of Ashley's life announced at a later date.

To make donation for this event, send money to: Crissi Pendleton and Adam Dare, 551 Hope Road, Lincolnville, ME 04850.

Other arrangements are being made through Crabiel Riposta Funeral Home in Belfast at 338-9191.