Firefighters from Appleton, Union and Washington worked together to save a two-story Appleton home the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 19, after a reported chimney fire spread through the walls and second-floor area immediately around the chimney, said Appleton Fire Chief David Stone.

Stone arrived first on the scene after an initial report of a chimney fire around 7:20 a.m. He said the fire was reported by a male occupant of the residence who was home by himself at the time of the fire. Upon entering the residence at 426 Peabody Road, Stone said flames had spread around the base of the chimney on the second floor of the home and he then reported to dispatchers the fire had evolved into a structure fire. Stone said mutual aid response from Union and Washington fire departments was requested at that time.

Firefighters had to tear out sheetrock on the ground floor of the residence because flames had spread down the wall and through the insulation, Stone said. He added that "very little water" was used in extinguishing the blaze.

Stone said there was significant damage to the home and taming the blaze caused "a big mess" inside the home. Debris was visible on the roof of the home as firefighters removed exterior ladders and cleaned up the scene.

Despite the damage, Stone said the fire could have been much worse.

"Considering that the home is still standing, it's minor," he said.

Union Ambulance also responded to the incident.

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