Sydney Pennington may only be 12-years-old but after what she did Oct. 20, she now undoubtedly is the envy of deer hunters of all ages and experience. In fact, seasoned hunters probably wish they were in Pennington's shoes.

That is because the young girl shot a 10-point, 225-pound deer on Saturday morning, Oct. 20 at 7:27 a.m. in her hometown of Appleton.

Taking a deer of that size would be a significant prize for any hunter, even those with decades of experience in the woods, let alone a 12-year-old.

Pennington bagged the deer on the annual Youth Hunting Day. She tagged the animal at the Burkettville General Store.

What made Pennington's successful hunt more difficult was it was done in the pouring rain. But that did not deter the young girl, who was hunting with her father, Douglass Pennington Jr.

Pennington, who is homeschooled, used her dad's 6.5x55mm Swedish rifle to make the kill. It took her one shot to kill the animal.

When asked what her secret was for bagging the prize deer, Sydney said," Prayer and practice."

Pennington was about 70 yards away when she shot the animal. She and her dad had been hunting for a little more than an hour when they came across the animal.

"I was excited and a little nervous at the same time and excited because I saw antlers," Pennington said about the moments before she shot the deer. She said she was happy to get a buck.

The successful strategy her father taught Pennington was to sit when the deer are moving and to move when the deer are sitting. The young girl has hunted with her dad since she was age 10.

Pennington has shot guns for years. She loves to target practice with her family in preparation for hunting season. Pennington got her first BB gun when she was age nine. She did considerable shooting practice the week before this year's hunt.

Pennington, who would like to try turkey and squirrel hunting, now holds the family deer hunting record for animal weight. She tied her grandfather, dad and brother for the most points on a deer at 10.

Pennington, who enjoys reading, mathematics, playing piano, baseball, hunting and American Girl dolls, games and clothes, is the daughter of Rebecca and Douglass Pennington.

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