For the Camden Hills football team it was, for the first time in history, lights, cameras, night action.

That is because the Windjammers hosted their first night football game "under the lights" at Don Palmer Field Friday, Oct. 12 when Camden Hills hosted Nokomis of Newport.

With a wind chill in the 20s, both teams' offensives were as cold as the temperatures and the contest turned into a defensive struggle as players, coaches and fans of both squads tried to keep warm on the sideline under the temporary lights brought in to illuminate the field.

When all was said and done, the visiting Warriors had earned a hard-fought 6-0 win to spoil the Windjammers' opening night party.

Windjammer coach Steve Wadsworth said there were plenty of positives from the game for his squad. On Camden Hills' opening drive, the Windjammers moved deep into Nokomis territory to take nearly nine minutes off the clock, but ultimately came up empty. On fourth down, quarterback Nick Rozsahegyi hit Alex Crans in the end zone with a pass but Crans was unable to secure the ball for the score.

The game was a scoreless tie at halftime.

Wadsworth said both teams moved the ball and Windjammer Ian Nason's field goal attempt from 32 yards came up short late in the third quarter.

Nokomis was able to break the stalemate when Noah Kershner scored from a yard out with 4:22 to play in the fourth stanza.

The Windjammers rallied and drove deep into Nokomis territory and the hosts were knocking on the door of the end zone with less than a minute to play. The key play that got the hosts in that position came on fourth down when Rozsahegyi dropped back to pass and scrambled down the left sideline for 40 yards for the longest run of the game.

That play set up Camden Hills inside the Warrior 20-yard line. The Windjammers' final drive came to halt when a fourth-down pass was intercepted with less than a minute to play. It was the first turnover of the game.

"It was a cold night and it certainly affected our passing game," Wadsworth said. "We put some nice drives together but failed to finish."

The coach said the Windjammers missed running back Isaac Young, who is "our bruiser."

Wadsworth said the team gave up a bundle of points in a 59-14 loss to Hampden Academy a week ago and, to come within five minutes of shutting out an opponent, was a positive achievement.

"For such an historic night, the six points allowed is the fewest by any team since football [has been brought] back in Camden," Wadsworth said. "We are in the books [for the first home night game], but we'd prefer to get the win."

The Windjammers will finish the regular season by hosting another night game when Belfast comes to town for a Friday, Oct. 19 game at 7 p.m.

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