Officials in School Union 69 are looking for a new superintendent after Thomas Marx submitted his resignation this summer.

Marx, who took the job in July 2011, overseeing operations at Hope, Appleton and LIncolnville schools, is retiring, effective Jan. 1, 2013.

"It's time for retirement. Frankly, I feel poorly to retire in the middle of the year, but it's just time," Marx said Oct. 5.

Although his resignation letter indicates he will finish the job Jan. 1, he said he will stay on until the position is filled.

The School Union 69 Joint Committee interviewed one candidate Oct. 4 and are continuing to interview candidates for an interim position, he said. At the same time, Marx said, the district is advertising for a full-time superintendent to begin July 1, 2013.

The current superintendent job is part-time, but Marx said prior to four years ago the position has traditionally been a full-time one and the board hopes to return to that.

This is Marx's second time employed as superintendent for the district. He served as an interim superintendent in 1998-1999 and also served as the School Administrative District 28 superintendent  in Camden when Hope and Appleton were part of the district. Prior to coming to School Union 69 for the second time, Marx served for 10 years as superintendent on North Haven.

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