“Now, as a starting place”, with Lew McGregor C.T.P, and The Trager Approach.

Take a special opportunity to experience the unique, yet accessible world of Trager. From the stillness of “now”, participants will begin a simple, deepening series of self-care movements anyone can do.

Pausing, the group will start an inner inquiry: “what am I noticing?”, “what do I feel?”, “what could feel easier, lighter, softer?”

Returning to movement, participants invite the potential of thier own innate body/mind wisdom, to create self-healing.

With guidance, participants can easily learn a way to move through their daily lives that is self-honoring, fun, very powerful, and “no big deal”, all at the same time.

Join in on Thursday Oct. 27, from 6 to 7 p.m. at Camden Whole Health, at 91 Elm St, Camden. $5 contribution appreciated, but not required.

Call Lew for more information, or to reserve an appointment, at 542-8668. Or go to camdenwholehealth.com, and click on “find a practitioner”.

More on The Trager Approach can be found through tragerus.org.