If there’s a word that best describes UMA’s unique Information and Library Services program delivered through University College at Rockland, it’s “flexibility.”

The associate, baccalaureate and certificate programs in Information and Library Services provide students an opportunity to develop technological skills and increase creative and critical thinking abilities for employment in libraries and information centers. Library support staff and technicians currently employed in school and public libraries can advance themselves professionally with this degree.

Degree programs are designed to provide students with the skills needed to support the effective functioning of a library or other information intensive organization. Trained library personnel respond to the rapid national surge in information technology. The Information and Library Services program provides relevant courses to assist students in acquiring knowledge and skills necessary to become effective and well-informed members of a library team.

The University of Maine at Augusta’s Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Information and Library Services are available in its entirety through University College at Rockland.

As part of the Senior Capstone Course in the bachelor’s degree, students are required to do an internship consisting of 120 hours on-site at a library under the supervision of a MLS librarian. While some students have extensive backgrounds in ILS, the internship is still required and many students find this a great opportunity to explore a new area of library services they have not been able to experience.

ILS courses are taught online through the Internet with some video instruction and computer teleconferencing. General education requirements can be taken online or face-to face at University College at Rockland.

As one recent graduate noted, ” When I transferred I was completely disheartened with college. I was about to give up all together. I felt alone in this process like no one cared whether I passed or even if I existed. You have rekindled my faith in the higher education system.”

Professor Jodi Williams, Ph.D, and academic coordinator of the ILS Program, will host an information session at University College at Rockland on Thursday, Oct. 27 from noon until 1 p.m. Anyone with an interest is welcome to attend the session to learn about degree requirements and career opportunities.

A degree in Information and Library Services can jump start a professional career in places near and far, including industry, schools, public libraries, academia, hospitals, law, research and specialized libraries.

For more information or to register to attend this session, please contact University College at Rockland at 596-6906 or visit them on the fourth floor of the Breakwater Building, Route 1 in Rockland.