Melissa and Peter Lague of Stetson Stables in Waldoboro hosted the Wolf Den from Cub Scout Pack 142 on Oct. 9. The boys were introduced to four horses, including a formerly wild mustang, and learned about what goes into caring for horses.

Nine boys and several of their siblings had the opportunity to brush horses, learn about cleaning their feet, and feed them. They all took a run along the fence with the mustang as well. Pet care is one of the many subjects the 7- and 8-year-old boys are learning this year.

After their visit to Stetson Stables, the families had a cookout where the boys each prepared their own pocket pizzas on the grill — nutrition and cooking are some of the many life skills boys are encouraged to learn while in Scouts.

Stetson Stables offers riding lessons as weather permits, and over the winter will be introducing horsemanship classes. For more information on Stetson Stables, email or call 542-6223.

Information on Waldoboro Cub Scouts can be obtained by calling Rebecca Waddell at 832-6650, or emailing