Patrick Quinn, 36, and Summer Ali-Ariza, 29, from Camden were arrested by the Plaistow, N.H., Police Department on Sept. 28.

They are charged with multiple counts of burglaries and theft, as well as fugitive from justice charges; additional charges are expected, according to a news release from the Waldoboro Police Department. They are currently awaiting extradition back to Maine.

The arrests are the result of several months of investigation into approximately 50 burglaries that occurred throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Because the burglaries were all similar in nature, investigators from Searsport, Lincolnville, Camden, Belfast, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, the Waldoboro Police Department and the Damariscotta Police Department pooled their resources and formed a task force to investigate the crimes. Detective Don Murray from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and Detective Lance Mitchell of the Waldoboro Police Department assumed the lead role in the investigations.

The suspects reportedly entered homes and took only valuables. The valuables included jewelry, coins and precious metals; other items were not disturbed. Many victims may not notice the items missing until they go to wear or use them.

According to the Waldoboro Police Department, to date, Quinn and Ali-Ariza have received more than $95,000 in cash for the sale of gold and silver jewelry, precious metals, as well as silver flat wear and coins. The actual value of the items sold or pawned is estimated to be much higher.

As the result of four separate search warrants executed in Camden, Rockland and Plaistow,  N.H., investigators have seized gold and silver jewelry, diamonds, gold and silver coins, silver flat wear and dinning sets as well as cash, various drugs and drug paraphernalia. Investigators are currently working closely with the Plaistow Police Department and other agencies in what appears to be a multi-state burglary spree.

Police are asking anyone who has had jewelry, coins, precious metals or silver wear stolen, or has had any contact with either Quinn or Ali-Ariza, to contact their local police agencies.