Spindlewood Waldorf Kindergarten and LifeWays Center, located on 50 wooded acres at the end of Proctor Road in Lincolnville Center, will open its doors to the public on Saturday, Oct. 22 from 9-11 a.m., in celebration of its 25th birthday.

Parents and children are invited to meet the teachers Elisa Olds and Susan Silverio and tour the schoolhouse as well as the frog pond and the barn with three little red hens and Icelandic sheep, Buttercup and Duncan. Apple cake and cider from the Spindlewood trees will be served. Parents interested in enrolling their children may arrange a time for an informational interview.

Initiated in 1986 by parents passionate about holistic education, Spindlewood’s roots began as the first Waldorf school initiative in Midcoast with Susan Silverio as the founding teacher. Focusing on engaging the heads, hearts and hands of children with the goal of awakening wonder and enthusiasm, this initiative expanded into Ashwood Waldorf School (pre K-8), located in Rockport. In 2006, Silverio decided to branch off from Ashwood Waldorf and re-engage her passion for educating preschool children.

“My granddaughter was born at this time and I had a renewed interest in this age range,” said Silverio, in a news release. “After 20 years of helping to develop Ashwood, I decided to focus on early childhood in our homestead environment in Lincolnville that we now call Spindlewood. It is a peaceful setting that invites children to explore and interact with the natural world and with each other at their own developmental pace.”

A typical day for a preschooler at Spindlewood may include baking bread, harvesting vegetables from the garden and chopping them for soup, pressing cider in the fall, or tapping maple trees in the spring, as well as celebrating the cycle of the year through their family festivals.

Children are engaged in singing, movement and the creative arts of watercolor painting, coloring, woodworking, beeswax modeling, and sewing. Stories and puppet plays provide rich material to inspire the children’s imaginations and creative play. They go outdoors every day, no matter what the weather, to interact with nature and to appreciate the seasons. Afternoons provide a truly restful period with lullabies, stories, “siesta” and outdoor play.

“The secure rhythms of each day’s activities allow the children to relax and be at home in their own creative play,” said Silverio. For children who have been introduced to too much screen time and technology, Spindlewood helps re-awaken a reverence for life, a sense of personal responsibility, and a special connection to nature.

There are still openings for 3- to 5-year-olds in this year’s Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday mixed-age kindergarten, as well as for children below 3 years of age in the Parent-Child Morning Garden that meets on Mondays. For more information about the school, visit: spindlewoodmaine.com or contact Susan Silverio at 763-4652.