An arrest or summons does not constitute a finding of guilt. An individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at some later criminal proceeding.

Rockport police reported the following from Sept. 5 to Sept. 26:

Sept. 5

Patrick Jones, 44, of Camden, two counts of assault.

Sept. 6

Juvenile female, 16, of Thomaston, possession of a usable amount of marijuana, sale and use of drug paraphernalia.

Sept. 8

Mallory L. Farley, 17, of Rockport, passing a stopped school bus.

Sept. 12

Ralf E. Feyl, 40, of Friendship, failure to register motor vehicle, more than 150 days past due.

Sept. 13

Gary S. Dupuis, 52, of Newcastle, inspection violation, insurance violation.

Paul F. Alden, 67, of Rockland, indecent conduct.

Sept. 14

Josiah M. Casas, 35, of Washington, insurance violation.

Sept. 15

Nathan Boulette, 25, of Waldoboro, insurance violation.

Sept. 16

Rachel A. Sparhawk, 27, of Waldoboro, speeding 63 mph in a 45 mph posted zone.

Kyle S. Roger, 16, of Rockport, speeding 46 mph in a 30 mph posted zone.

Sept. 17

Marian C. Harlow, 56, of Nobleboro, inspection violation.

Jessica Linscott, 68, of Lincolnville, insurance violation.

Maurice X. Darres, 29, of Belfast, insurance violation.

Sept. 18

Peter Yates, 51, of Rockport, speeding 59 mph in a 45 mph posted zone.

Jennifer M. Delano, 42, of Friendship, inspection violation.

Patricia F. Robinson, 55, of Douglas, Ark., failure to obtain a license within 30 days of residency.

Sept. 19

Leah Ross, 34, of Searsport, inspection violation.

Sept. 20

Glen A. Mitchell, 43, of Belfast, inspection violation.

Sept. 21

John Dixon Rice, 74, of Greensboro, N.C., speeding 42 mph in a posted 15 mph school zone.

Juvenile male, 17, of Appleton, unlawful possession of scheduled drugs.

Sept. 24

Liam D. Ducharme, 44, of Waldoboro, studded tire violation.

Natalie L. Doume, 28, of Rockport, insurance violation.

Sept. 25

Jonathan Frost, 62, of Thomaston, operating with an expired license, less than 90 days past due.

John R. Vannorsdall, 17, of Camden, insurance violation.

Sandra L. Hobby, 68, of Naples, seat-belt violation.

Sept. 26

Bryan Parreault, 20, of Rockport, violation of a protection from abuse order.

Justin L. Fletcher, 28, of Troy, seat-belt violation, insurance violation.

Christopher D. McKearney, 41, of Thomaston, insurance violation.

Sept. 27

Michael Spear, 27, of Rockland, inspection violation.