Safety is the first item of business for Mid-Coast School of Technology students and teachers. As the new school year starts students in all MCST programs participate in safety training and must pass the safety standards at 100 percent, 90 percent doesn’t cut it.

As instructors and administrators at MCST say “You can’t drive the car if all the tires aren’t working.” Posters proclaim the need for safety glasses; curriculum standards emphasize material data safety awareness as well as specific safety required for each program area.

As part of safety education MCST Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighting Instructor Mike Drinkwater invited Central Maine Power Public Affairs spokesperson Chris Page. The program made students aware of the potential dangers of electricity at home and work. Page explained and demonstrated appropriate safety when in situations involving electricity.

By sharing “true stories” of electrical accidents that have happened both on the job as well as in home settings students were made aware of the invisible force of electricity. Page impressed on students that taking the “power” of electricity for granted could lead to disastrous results.