Help wanted in Appleton

APPLETON — The town of Appleton is seeking a code enforcement officer and licensed plumbing inspector as well as an assessors’ agent.

The CEO/LPI position is a one-year, part-time position for approximately 8 to 12 hours a week and is appointed annually. The successful applicant must hold all necessary state of Maine certificates and licenses. The town is also looking to hire an individual or firm as the assessors’ agent through a bid procedure for a three-year contract beginning Oct. 1. The town has a population of approximately 1,330 and about 1,000 taxable parcels. The regular schedule with office hours available to the public will be set by selectmen. The bidder must be a certified Maine assessor.

The deadline for applications and bids is Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. For more information, contact the Appleton town office at 785-4722.

Burned pasta makes smoky snack

CAMDEN — Camden firefighters made an early morning visit to 4 High St. on Sunday, Sept. 25, where an attempt to boil a meal resulted in a smoke-filled home.

Firefighters arrived at the apartment at 3 a.m. to discover the resident sitting on the front steps, appealing to the fire department to turn off the smoke alarm. His goal to cook pasta ended unsuccessfully with a burnt pot and acrid smoke spreading through the kitchen and upstairs. The resident had already turned off the electric stove by the time the 10 firefighters arrived. A fan was set up to move the smoke out of the building, according to Camden Fire Chief Chris Farley. The fire alarm was turned off after determining there was no fire and the smoke was cleared from the apartment.

Wedding fireworks startle Camden and Rockport

CAMDEN — A groom surprising his bride with a rain of rockets and starbursts at their Sept. 24 wedding also took the community by surprise, as the sound of the fireworks ricocheted off the fog and surrounding hills in Camden and Rockport. The wedding took place at the Camden Amphitheatre and Camden police and fire department personnel stood by at approximately 7:30 p.m., as the fireworks were shot over the harbor.

The wedding party obtained permits and paid for the public safety detail.

Rockport moves forward on road projects

ROCKPORT — Rockport Public Works Director Steve Beveridge reported that the current phase of work on West Street is completed. The town has installed a new water line and service stubs to houses on the street. The base paving coat will be given a year to settle, before the final coat is put on next year. That project may include new sidewalks, which will be requested in next year’s budget.

A drainage project on Pleasant Street is also finished, after a number of challenges, and Beveridge said paving for that street may also appear on the next municipal budget request. That project will comprise removing and reclaiming the existing asphalt for use as a base, to be covered with new gravel and pavement.

Bids for work on the Russell Avenue sidewalk were schedule to be opened Tuesday, Sept. 27, and work was expected to begin to connect the Public Works Complex on Commercial Street to sewer and water lines sometime in the upcoming week.

Bridge work on Annis Lane is waiting for the water to recede, said Beveridge.

“It just keeps raining,” he said.

Homeowners sought for affordable housing units

CAMDEN — Three new homes, being built by Camden Affordable Housing, are available for families that fall within certain income guidelines. For a family of four, the maximum annual income is $46,000.

Final prices for the three-bedroom, single-bathroom houses at Lupine Terrace have not been set, but CAHO’s Joanne Campbell said they would range between $140,000 and $155,000. Campbell said there were a variety of grant and loan programs to help with the purchase.

Campbell said she expected construction to be completed by early December. For more information, contact George Wheelwright at 236-9626, Pam Fowles at 236-0185, or Campbell at 230-2089.