David Sulin of Rockport will give a costumed presentation in the persona of Civil War soldier Hezekiah Long on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 7:30 p.m. at the Union Historical Society’s Old Town House on Town House Road.

Titled “Hard Times, Hard Bread and Harder Coffee,” the talk is based on Long’s wartime correspondence with his family in Rockland. Long served throughout the Civil War in the 20th Maine Regiment, entering with the rank of sergeant and ending as a lieutenant. Older than the average soldier, Long was aged about 35 at enlistment, with a wife and family at home. Before the war he was a “night watchman,” or guard, at the Maine State Prison, and after the war he worked as a lighthouse keeper.

Personal tragedy was added to the stress of the soldier’s life when during a home leave one of Long’s sons drowned in a quarry on Old County Road. His letters reflect family anxieties and the turmoil of war, worries about feeding his family, and his own ill-health and hospitalization during his military service. In Sulin’s view, Hezekiah Long comes back to life in his revealing letters, which show an acute observer with a human touch and a strongly Maine-based viewpoint.

Capt. David Sulin is a Maine Maritime Academy graduate and a master mariner with 40 years experience in offshore shipping. He is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic Civil War buff and is a member of the General Hiram Berry Civil War Roundtable.

After the meeting refreshments will be served by hostesses Bonnie Packard and Kali and Emma Mitchell. All meetings of Union Historical Society are free and open to the public. Union Historical Society owns and maintains the Robbins House on Union Common, the Cobb’s Ledge historic site on Town House Road, and the Old Town House, also located on Town House Road and available to rent for functions. Membership is $5 per year. For more information, call 785-5444 and leave a message or visit midcoast.com/comespring.