Holly Noonan will give a talk on “Grass-Fed Meat” at the Camden Public Library on the health benefits of pasture-raised animal products. The talk is the first in the library’s series on “Green Food/Local Food” throughout October, on the issue of sustainability, local food, and efforts of local enterprises to respond to the green food/local food challenge. The talk is on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 6:30 p.m. Noonan will be joined by Sarah Post of Aldermere Farm.

“You have probably heard about the less-than-ideal system of food production we find now in our country,” said Noonan in a news release. “If you have peeked behind the curtain of that system by watching ‘Food, Inc.,’ you may wonder how to have healthy, humanely-raised animal products in your diet. Not only is it possible to improve your health by including these kinds of animal products, but it’s important to vote with your dollars to support these alternative farmers. Join us to discuss all animal products: fish, poultry, and eggs, as well as pasture-raised animals and how to fit them healthfully into your family’s lifestyle.”

Noonan runs a holistic nutrition counseling business at Camden Whole Health. Aldermere Farm in Rockport is owned and managed by Maine Coast Heritage Trust. It is a working farm and educational center, and raises Belted Galloway cattle for beef.