Heavenly Threads Thrift Shop, at 57 Elm St, an outreach program of the First Congregational Church of Camden recognized their more than 30 volunteers at a luncheon Sept. 19.

“Volunteers are not paid because they are priceless” and that is so true for Heavenly Threads volunteers. Some volunteers come in just to iron or steam clothing, some wait on customers, making them feel welcomed, some do a little of everything to help keep the shop running smoothly. No matter what they choose to do they are all needed and appreciated to keep the shops friendliness and efficiency that it is known for.

All men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, costumes, vintage, household goods and jewelry are donated from the surrounding areas. After expenses, all proceeds goes to various charitable organizations throughout Knox County. Some of these recipients include: Habitat for Humanity, Coastal Hospice, Rockland soup kitchen, Meals on Wheels, Kno-Wal-Lin, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, New Hope for Women, and the Coastal Opportunities.

Heavenly Threads could not do the good work they do without their wonderful volunteers.

Volunteers are: Gail Vincent, Flora Shorey, Barbara Lannamann, Jean Cox, Patti Peace, Nancy Trone, Gayle Palmer, Ruth Tolman, Madeline Shields, Susan Neisingh, Barbara Ralph, Jean Silva, Dottie Wiegel, Helen Kuhl, Rita Elliott, Sue Hopkins, John Perry, Jane Bennett, Connie Ingram, Melissa Chapman, Lynn VanReich, Rev. Kevin Pleas, Jim Bitner, Dodie Amundson, Liz Bettcher, Liona Burdulis, Beryl and Eric Charlton, Bobbie Grant, Lisa Kelly, Elysee Marshall, Annis Perry, Barbara Pittman, Audrey Sabanty, Anne Titus, Ann Williams and Willa Williams