Haitian art dazzles with color and fantasy, with animals of the African continent and with mountains, ocean and rich vegetation. A collection of 60 recently-acquired paintings, plus Haitian ironwork decorations, scarves and other crafts, will be on display and sale Friday evening, Sept. 30 and during the day Saturday, Oct. 1 at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, 90 Court St.

The sale will benefit not only Haitian artists, but also two schools in the north of Haiti, including a school supported in partnership by St. Margaret’s and St. Thomas’s Episcopal Church of Camden.

The show will begin with a reception Friday evening from 5 to 8 p.m. Haitian punch, fruit, and other Haitian food will be served to stimulate the palate while the art stimulates the eyes and heart. The works, all reasonably priced, are presented by Frazier and Susan Meade of Newcastle, former diplomats who lived in Haiti for years and who travel there frequently. They will make a short presentation about the art at 6:30 p.m., following a short introduction about St. Margaret’s and St. Thomas’s partner church and school in Limonade, Haiti, just outside of Cap Haitien in the north. Contributions will be welcomed at the door.

St. Margaret’s has been in partnership with St. Etienne’s, Limonade for more than five years. Three parishioners have visited Haiti, and the priest from Limonade, Pere Louis Toussaint Rosanas, has visited Maine twice. The church has a very successful elementary and secondary school that is important to its community, providing a good education for 250 students. Proceeds from the show will support the school by helping to pay teacher salaries. Education is one of the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals, aimed at improving life in developing nations.

The Episcopal Diocese of Maine first developed a relationship with Haiti 145 years ago, when Bishop James Theodore Holly visited Haiti to confirm new members and ordain new priests. The Diocese of Maine has a companion diocesan relationship with the Diocese of Haiti, and 14 Maine churches are partnered with churches, schools or clinics in Haiti.

The art show will continue Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The reception and show will be held in St. Margaret’s parish hall. For more information, call John Arrison at 338-4605.

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