Under the leadership of coach Joanna Hall, the Oceanside High School field hockey team usually has all its bases covered for games, now the Mariners literally will be covered in style on the sidelines and off the field, thanks to new team jackets.

The student-athletes raised the money for the jackets and recently started wearing them.

“The idea for the jackets emerged very early last season,” said coach Hall. “This was a great team building project, in a greater sense than normal. Being that we combined last season, from two different schools and programs (Rockland District High School and Georges Valley High School), we found that we could find common ground immediately: Shopping. Planning. Collaborating. Clothes. We began fundraising for team jackets. We had to wait quite awhile to find out what the [new Oceanside] school colors would be, but had some time, knowing we would not wear the jackets until the school year started in September.”

Not only are the jackets, which were finished by Crowning Touch Embroidery in Union, made in Oceanside colors, but coach Hall said the players chose to have the field hockey ball on the jacket be pink “to show our support for those who are battling breast cancer, and the women, past and in the future. It hits close to home for so many of us.”

The jacket also has on the front, the player’s name, class, hockey sticks, the Mariners and, on back, the school name.

The coach said the high school field hockey program is preparing to launch its 2011 calendar raffle fundraiser. For more information, email coach Hall at johall@rsu13.org. “So many wonderful area businesses [are] helping to support our young adults,” she said.

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